Thursday, April 21, 2011

Here comes Peter Cottontail!

I think Easter is one of my favorite holidays! From the beautiful story of Christ to all the fun of the Easter bunny and his basket, I just enjoy all the decorations and it seems so much more relaxed than the other holidays. A special time for family starting with the arrival of the bunny with his basket of treats and then on to the beautiful church services. Our church holds our Easter sunrise service down by the lake and there is nothing more peaceful and spiritual.

I always enjoy finding new decorative items to add to my Easter collection. We started having an Easter Tree when I was a very little girl. One of the ladies magazines at that time had the instructions on how to make one. I have talked with friends my age and they remember their Mothers fixing one. This has continued as a tradition in our family. It has always been decorated with bunnies, eggs, chicks and all the Easter goodies. I now have a permanent tree that I use for holidays, but when the timing is right there is nothing I love more than to use a pink dogwood branch that will burst into bloom as Easter approaches.
Jake with the Easter Tree
I also love to see ideas for Easter tablescapes. We might be having brunch or lunch around our house, but there is nothing more fun than to come up with ideas for a spectacular table! Here are some recent tablescapes that are full of inspiration!

Centsational Girl Blog
Here is a tree used as a table centerpiece. I love the tiny white butterflies and the all white with blue accents.

Martha Stewart

Leave it to Martha to come up with a creative centerpiece. Don't you know
 children would enjoy this one!
 But watch out for the bunnies' ears!

Easter is not all pastel colors. This one takes its theme from the bunnies favorite snack. Love the orange and green color scheme.

Sheri Martin

I can hear "In Your Easter Bonnet" playing in the background. Don't you just love Mrs. Bunny in all of her finery~

More is More Mom Blog

Have you ever heard that saying "White Rabbit White Rabbit" the very first thing  Easter morning, brings you Good Luck?

Martha Stewart

Wouldn't you love to have these cute egg pots as your favor to take home!

Sheri Martin
What could be easier than putting a small vase of water, inside of a bigger vase full of jelly beans! Then you just add  your favorite flower, in your favorite color that  looks best on your table!

Sheri Martin
Another variation would be to do a mix of flowers and instead of jelly beans use dyed or candy eggs!

Casa Sugar Blog

Old fashion milk glass pieces will mix with a varitey of linens and dinneware. They also make a wonderful
holder for Easter treats!

Martha Stewart

You could do so many things with egg cups and an Easter table. These are wonderful using the lavander and green flowers and the egg cups as vases!

Another family tradition that I want to share with you is a very special Easter book. "The Country Bunny and the Little Golden Shoes" is a book you will treasure and read over and over for years to come.

For I remember it is Easter morn,
And life and love and peace are all new born.

~Alice Freeman Palmer~

May you and your family have a wonderful Easter!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

I do my little turn on the Catwalk....

Fashion has often created inspiration for Interior Design. What comes down the runway will follow into the interior design showrooms very soon. The textiles, fabrics and accessories that you see in your home got their start on the catwalk!

What will the styles be for Spring of 2011?

COLOR on the runway:

COLOR in the home:

MENSWEAR on the runway:

MENSWEAR in the home:

THE SEVENTIES on the runway:

THE SEVENTIES in the home:

WHITE on the runway:

WHITE in the home:

SPORTY on the runway:

SPORTY in the home:

METALLIC on the runway:

METALLIC in the home:

FLORAL on the runway:

FLORAL in the home:

"Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street, fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening."-Coco Chanel

source: InStyle and House Beautiful

Saturday, April 2, 2011

What is ADAC?

Front entrance of ADAC

The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center has been located in the heart of Buckhead since the early 1960's. ADAC was created by internationally recognized architect and developer John Portman Jr., FAIA. ADAC is open Monday through Friday and is one of the premier design centers in the country. John Portman had the foresight to locate his center near the future Lindbergh Marta Station. This has been a valuable asset as designers fly in from all over the country and take Marta to the center. On any given day you will see car tags from all over the southeast in the parking lot.

Galleries of Peachtree Hills
Galleries of Peachtee Hills

Over 25 years ago ADAC started out as a one level design center, but over the years it has grown to a five story building covering 550,000 square feet. There has been an expansion next door to ADAC West and most recently the Galleries of Peachtree Hills.
ADAC is a "To the Trade" facility for designers and their clients but every spring there is a sale open to the public and recently several seminars have also been open too. The showrooms at ADAC offer a collection of the interior design industries finest product lines.
Fabric Showroom
Brunschwig & Fils Showroom

After using ADAC as one of my main resources since the early 70's, I have come to know my way around the showrooms and know where to shop for the best priced lines or the most exclusive. Not all things shown at ADAC are for for the extremely wealth. You just need a good guide to help you find the right items for your price range. ADAC is a wealth of design ideas and as you move from showroom to showroom you will see the latest in fabrics, wallcovering, rugs, furniture, kitchen, bath, lighting and accessories. All are skillfully displayed to offer design inspiration. It is truly a privilege to have such an exceptional facility offering the highest quality and most exclusive products and services available so close to home!

Kravet Showroom
Kravet Showroom

Ann Sack Showroom
Jordan Spencer and Lorts Showroom
Lee Jofa Showroom
 "To the trade only." Means that the showroom permits only professional interior designers or decorators to make purchases.