Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fabric Find on Dimples and Tangles!

Time spent in Blogland is many things, but one of the big
ones is a "Time Stealer!"

I love my design blogs and I am sure I spend more time than
I should, reading them. I will find myself pouring over one of 
my regulars and the next thing I know, there will be 
a link to a new one. Something always makes me follow
those links and there goes the time! 

This is how I came across Jennifer. Her blog is 
Dimples & Tangles. I was scrolling down and
there it was! Something I was familiar with from
my childhood, my Mother's drapery fabric! 

Jennifer had pillows on her sofa out of 
that oh so familiar oriental print! 

From the time I was born, until I was sixteen years old. We had
draw panels made out of this fabric. The fabric covered 
a huge picture window in our living room. My Mother loved
this fabric so much. When she and her interior designer 
replaced the draperies, she had pillows made to use on 
her outdoor furniture. This was long before the time 
of indoor/outdoor fabric. But if company was coming, 
out came the pillows! 

After my parents passed away, I found the panels hanging in the
guest bedroom closet. I took them to my drapery fabricator to
make valances for my guest bedroom at our house. He did a fabulous job
creating what I had in mind. We also did pillows for the 
bed too. 

Jennifer and I emailed about her pillows and she told
me that she had found out it was a vintage Chippendale,
bark cloth fabric by Markwood Fabrics. 
It is  available on Etsy through retro fit pattern
 for $95.00 a yard. 

Stay and look around awhile, she has plenty to share! 

Now if I can just locate the Gingham Dog and the Calico Cat*
fabric that was used in my nursery. It was inspired
by "The Duel" by Eugene Field. here  That is the
Gingham Dog you see over my shoulder.

source: Dimples and Tangles, Debbie Jacobs Designs