Thursday, January 31, 2013

Interior Design Soiree with Danielle Rollins

Our Soiree with Atlanta's premiere hostess actually took place in the daytime.
(A Soi-ree also soi·rée (swä-r ). n. Is an evening party or reception.)
The magnificent home of Danielle Rollins was part of the Cathedral Antique
Show and Tour of Homes on Sunday, January the 27, 2013. 
Danielle is the author of the beautiful book titled Soiree. I did a review of her 
book in my November 2012 Newsletter It is full of wonderful recipes, pictures
and ideas and is a excellent gift book and you must have one for yourself!

Boxwood, as the estate is called, was the original design creation of 
Philip Shutze in 1929 for the McRae family. The five beautifully landscaped acres 
includes a fruit and vegetable garden, koi pond, basketball court, dog and children's 
play area and also has a formal boxwood garden that is being recreated to the 
original design. There are a number of outdoor dining and sitting areas too. Both 
the house and grounds were renovated a few years ago by award winning architects 
Gil Schafer and Charles Heydt.

This house is a tribute to the talents of designer, Miles Redd. But even though 
it is fullof magnificent antiques, exquisite fabrics and wallcoverings, it is very 
apparent that this is a home that is lived in by adults, children and pets! 

We started our tour at the side entrance. It shows an excellent example of the 
Chinese influence on this Georgian Home. 

As we moved towards the main foyer, we started to get a feeling of all the
beauty that was ahead. From the zebra rug on the marble floor to the
eclectic mix of furnishings and fabrics, we knew we were in for a treat!

The pedestal table in the foyer is a perfect place to greet the soiree guest 
with magnificent floral displays and a flute of champagne.

From the entrance foyer we move into the formal living room. It is hard 
to tell from the pictures, but the walls are not painted but upholstered in 
turquoise satin. There are more Chinese influences along with an eclectic 
mix of artwork and accessories. 

Additional mixes of animal prints and Chinese influence are carried out in the solarium.

Here is a close up of hand painted paper, where you can see the artistic details. 

A well stocked wet bar is always necessary for a good hostess! This one has a map 
on the ceiling.

Here is the formal dining room, set for the evenings Soiree! When it is just the 
family, they dine in a room that has a circus tent feeling with the walls and 
ceiling covered in a turquoise and white stripe. 

The red Library was influenced by a library that legendary New York designer, 
Albert Hadley created for Brooke Astor during the 1970's.

 Miles Redd continued Danielle's love of animal print by carpeting the master 
bedroom floor in a small leopard print. The bed canopy and draperies are also 
turquoise silk. 

A Venetian mirror enhances the ladies vanity area. Danielle's daughter 
enjoys her mother's bath and dressing area too.

Don't you love the fashion sketches they chose to use on the wallpaper 
in this area?

The draperies all through the house were beautifully designed and enhanced 
with detailed trim and banding, even in Danielle's closet!

Large or small gatherings with family and friends. This beautiful home is certainly
the ideal space for entertaining!

Danielle Rollins with two of her children.

I hope you have enjoyed your tour of Boxwood. Miles Redd also has a new 
design book. The Big Book of Chic

Miles Redd

Source: The and Whitehaven

Monday, January 21, 2013

Interior Design for the First Families

What would you take if you had to leave your present home for four years? It is 
interesting to see what the different Presidential families have done to make 
the White House their home. On this eve of the Presidential Inauguration, 
here is a look back at our past first families and the rooms of the White House.

*I apologize for the large number of pictures. I tried to eliminate some, but I couldn't decide who should 
stay and who should go!

Mamie Eisenhower (President Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1953-1961) poses in the 
White House Diplomatic Reception Room.

First Lady Jackie Kennedy (President John F. Kennedy, 1961-1963) visits with 
 representatives from the National Heart Association. She is shown here 
with Donna and Debbie Horst, the Heart Fund Twins, who had heart 
surgery in 1951. 

Jackie Kennedy's First Lady's Bedroom—which she wanted to be “the same as it 
was in Georgetown” was  done by Sister Parish. The decorator chose the 
daisy-motif draperies and helped her place the Chinese porcelains.

Jacqueline Kennedy wished for the West Sitting Hall to also resemble her Georgetown living room. She and Sister Parish devised an informal conversation area near 
the window.

The Queen's Sitting Room was furnished while Jackie Kennedy was in the white 
house. She approved the blue and white fabric that was used. The 19th century 
Aubusson rug was added in 1971.

Claudia "Lady Bird" (President Lyndon Baines Johnson 1963-1969) twirls 
in her formal gown.

LBJ dances with Carol Channing at a White House ball. 

First Lady Rosalynn Carter (President Jimmy Carter, 1977 -1981) tours the White
House Christmas Decorations with her grandchildren.

First Lady Nancy Reagan (President Ronald Reagan, 1981- 1989) whose signature 
color is red, is shown in the Red Room. 

The Reagans brought furnishings from their California residence and they 
were used in the West sitting Hall. The Reagans used this as their living room.

Nancy Reagan acquired the mirror over the fireplace and the 18th century day bed  
 to use with existing White House furniture for her office. 

President Reagan's study is off the family bedroom. He used this space on evenings 
and weekends. He brought to the White House his own partners desk and pre-
Colombian sculpture. 

Nancy Reagan's dressing room  has a portrait by Paul Clemens of her and her
daughter, Patti. The interior designer during the Reagan era was Ted Graber. 

The above bedroom is know as the Queens' Bedroom. This is where Queen 
Elizabeth II (United Kingdom ) Queen Sofia (Spain), and Queen Sonja (Norway), 
stayed during their visits to the White House. The armchair, bed coverings,
draperies are all silk by Scalamandre.

First Lady Barbara Bush (George H. W. Bush 1989-1993) posed with Millie while she
creates a paw print for her Christmas card in the China room.

Throughout his presidency, Bill Clinton (1993-2001) often serenaded his guest 
with his saxophone. He preformed for foreign heads of state and jammed
with contemporary musicians. 

Laura Bush and George W. Bush (2001 - 2009) are shown seated in the Green
Drawing Room. Laura Bush worked with Fort Worth, Texas, designer Kenneth 

The above pictures of the Oval Office were during the Bush (2001- 2009) era. 
Queen Victoria commissioned the desk, crafted from timbers from the HMS 
Resoluteand gave it to Rutherford B. Hayes in 1880. Since then, all but a few 
presidents have used it. Each president personalizes the Oval Office, changing 
the draperies, upholstery fabrics and palette and including mementos and 
artwork with special meaning.

In the Cabinet Room, the bowed ends of the new rug, from Edward Fields, 
echo the curve of the north and south walls. Drapery fabric, Scalamandré. 
Pendant fixtures are from Gibson & Gibson.

Laura Bush is shown in the East Sitting Hall with Willie the cat!

Formerly a laundry area, a waiting room and a storage room during its history, 
the Library was converted to its present use in 1935 to house the White House’s permanent collection of books. In 2006 Laura Bush redesigned this space.

Harry Truman suggested turning Lincoln’s former office and cabinet room into 
a bedroom with furnishings associated with the family. In 2004, Laura Bush 
and her designer used  documentary evidence from the period to redesign this
area. Bed hanging satins, the trim and drapery silk, tassels and tiebacks are by Scalamandré.

The Palm Room is sometimes referred to as the West Garden Room. You can access 
the West Wing and the Rose Garden from the Palm Room. 

The Vermeil Room serves as the sitting room during formal occasions. Portraits
of first ladies Jacqueline Kennedy and Lady Bird Johnson are on display. It is
called the Vermeil Room because of the collections of vermeil and gilt silver
that are displayed here.

First Lady Michelle Obama (President Barack Obama, 2009 - present)  is show 
conducting a tour in the White House Kitchen. 

Bo, the first dog, takes Barack Obama for a walk through the President's 
private residence.

Obama with his daughters, Sasha and Malia, are shown in the Treaty Room.

This ends our behind the scene tour of the White House. If you would like
to read more and see more pictures, here are some links you might enjoy 
for the following articles. 
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