Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We gather together! Table Designs!

Life goes by in a blink of the eye.
So be sure to appreciate the moments with family
and friends that make your life complete. 

Halloween is next week. Don't ask me how
it got here so fast!
But Thanksgiving and Christmas can't be far behind!

So get your pen and paper or head over to your computer.
It is time to start thinking about your table!

Here are some inspiration pictures to get you started! 

This one would be good anytime in the Fall!

A little more formal use of Blue and White.

I love this centerpiece that mixes a beautiful autumn harvest.

This one keeps it simple! 

Take it outside! 

Wouldn't this be a fun table for all your ghost and goblins?

Blackbirds and black leaves offer an interesting twist for Fall.
Looks more trick than treat! 

My favorite Thanksgivings are spent on the coast. This table
shows you how to make it special!

Why does food always taste better outside? 
I love all the extra touches on this table.

I nice choice of colors for giving Thanks!

The kraft paper makes clean up easy, but also a great
way to remind everyone why you have gathered. 

It always is fun to think outside the box. Grab a blanket 
instead of a tablecloth!

Mix together a group of unusual containers.

Even if it is a small gathering, set your table as if you 
had a crowd.

Causal or formal prepare your table the day before so you can
have more time to enjoy your family and friends. 

A table full of pumpkins even down to the plates! 

Or maybe some woodland friends! 

Some helpful hints to set your table.

Fall colors for inspiration.

To get some helpful flower hints

Hopefully, this will get you thinking and make your
planning a little bit easier! 

Sources: Pinterest

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Orange You Glad It is Fall Y'all!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth,
but at times it felt like I did! But I am back
and ready for FALL! 
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The October issue will be out soon!

I love the Autumn months! 
As all good girls raised in the South say,
It is Fall Y'all! 

Discover ADAC took place last week and I went down on the 27th. 
My favorite program of the day featured Frances Schultz (L) 
She discussed her book "The Bee Cottage Story--How I Made a Muddle
of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness. 
She is a very entertaining speaker! 

James Farmer, pictured with Katie Miner the ADAC general manager, 
was also there and he signed his newest book. 
I was disappointed he didn't do a presentation. I have heard
him speak several times and always enjoy his
down home personality!

The day wrapped up at the preview of Fifty-Eight Interiors. This is a new
ADAC Showroom and is co-owned by Bryan Kirkland and Gainesville's 
own, Jill Mansfield.

Now on to October!
Things are busy in the Design World during the Fall.
The High Point Furniture Market is this month. 

The Color Marketing Group* of North America said that "a sharp orange-red,

will emerge in 2017. Attitude makes an audacious statement 

whether searing in full-on color in furnishings,

as a quirky accent piece or supporting other bright hues in a print. 
The bold hue is modern and sleek, and creates energy in velvet, 
voluptuousness in silk, and air cheating slickness in high gloss.
A color that declares strenght and daring, it marries well with
many other colors, from muted olive and plum to sharp blue and yellow.

From furniture, accessories, paint, and carpets 

to pumpkins, wreaths, flowers and much more of 
outside decor! 

Orange You Glad it is Fall Y'all!


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source: Pinterest, ADAC, Atlanta Homes, and Lifestyles, The Color Marketing Group

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Discoveries on Saint Simons Island, Georgia

On several of my past visits to Saint Simons Island, I had noticed
what I thought was a home renovation. Then back in March I 
found out what was going on at the corner of Demere Road
and East Beach Causeway. Through the charming entrance
gate lies The Grey Owl Inn

The Grey Owl Inn is owned by retired Coca-Cola executive Bill Gussman
and his wife Susan. 

The Grey Owl Inn gets its name from the outline of an owl on a tree outside of a

bedroom window.The Gussmans purchased the original property from Joseph
Julian Gray. Members of the Gray family lived on the property for six decades. 

One thing I love about Saint Simons Island is that there is something to do every 
season of the year. I have heard there are people that are not that interested
in the beach. (Who are those people?) So for them or in cooler weather times, 
The Grey Owl Inn is the perfect bed and breakfast. The grounds have
a fish pond, water garden, and a gazebo. 

The Inn would not be a bed and breakfast without the wonderful food from
Tasteful Temptations and Brian Justice.Their quality cuisine is enjoyed at 
breakfast, high tea, and the five o'clock happy hour. 
Susan Gussman will welcome you in for a tour! 

This is the living room featuring stained glass by Pane in the Glass on the island.

Melody's Moorings Bedroom

Melody's Moorings Bath

Palm Court Bedroom

Palm Court Bath

Tree Top Bedroom

Tree Top Bath

To find out more CLICK HERE

Another recent discovery was that The Vine had a new location! 

We are designers and artists.

We are fun and collaborative.

In an industry of sameness, we are distinct

They create inspired designs for life’s celebrations. For gathering-places both formal and informal. For work, for play, for reflection.

These oyster shells are a bestseller! The Vine recently did a demonstration with
them at Steve McKenzie's showroom in Atlanta.  

They are also featured in this month's Better Homes and Garden magazine. 

The Vine was created in 2008 by Bryce Vann Brock and Kelly Revels. 
It is located at 12 Market Street on Saint Simons Island.

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit more about island time
on Saint Simons! 

Source: Coastal Illustrated, Harlan Hambright, The Grey Owl Inn, The Vine