Monday, September 9, 2019

A storm named Irma created a design job on Saint Simons Island

After many years of visiting on Saint Simons Island (GA), 
back in 2002 we purchased a second home on the island.

My grandson had his first ocean experience on the sand at SSI. 

Jake still enjoys special times in the Golden Isles! 

At the time we bought on Saint Simons,
 there had been only five hurricanes to hit the Georgia coast 
starting back with Carolina in 1854 and ending in 1985 with 
Hurricane Kate. We really didn't worry about them much. 

Then on October 7th in 2016, a storm named Matthew came to visit.
We were fortunate to get by with some roof damage and ceiling leaks. 
Others on the island had more damage. 

Then this year Dorian came along. Saint Simons was lucky this time. 
But our prayers continue to go out to the Abaco Islands
and other Bahama Islands that were devastated.
We really have no way of understanding what they are going through. 

 But we do know what it feels like to deal with damage from a hurricane.
Hurricane Irma paid a visit to Saint Simons on September the 11th 1917. 
This is a picture a neighbor, across the street, sent after Irma.  

When we walked into our condo at first glance we 
thought things looked pretty good. The floor was the
only thing that looked off. It was much darker. Then we 
realized it was dried sand. It did not come up
without some hard scrubbing and elbow grease. 

We then took the cushions off of our sleeper sofa. 
Still not to bad, until we opened it up, Rusty water went
everywhere. It had been four days since the storm hit
and the frame had already started to rust! 

We headed into the kitchen and started opening drawers and cabinets.
Our muffin pan was in a bottom drawer and had standing water.

Some of  my favorite cookbooks were on a bottom shelf. 

After talking with a neighbor, we went with a contractor 
out of Florida to do our reconstruction work.
 We were so glad we did. Larry and his crew
at Alliance Enterprises
made everything so much easier during this stressful time.
I can't say enough good things about this company! 

It was unbelievable how quickly the mold started growing. 

After the tear out was complete, large fans were brought in
to start drying out the framing. 

Large piles of trash and debris were scattered all around the 
streets on the South side of the island. All over the island
there were also piles of tree limbs and dead plants. 
Our landscaping took a beating. It didn't like salt water. 

I started on the design for the inside. All of the appliances
and cabinets had to be replaced. This was not the way
I wanted to remodel the kitchen!

The upholstered furniture in the living had to go.
Luckily the dining area, seemed to clean up okay. 

This is the foyer area after the new floor was installed. 

This is the powder room before....

This is the powder room after. We added paneling
so we could keep the wallpaper in here.

This was the kitchen before. You can see the shelf
where I had my cookbooks. The water came up that high. 

It was time for the wallpaper to go in here.
But I do miss the painted cabinets I had before. 
They were I soft sage green. When we bought the condo
they were a dark stained wood. 

The other side of the kitchen. I was glad I didn't
have to replace my window treatments and
art work. 

This is the living area before Irma.

Here is the living area after. We have since replaced 
the rug. I wish I had my old one back! The company I 
bought it from is no longer around. 

Here is the dining area . We were lucky we didn't 
have to replace these pieces. 

 It is nice to be able to sit back and enjoy our condo again.
There is still some landscaping to do, but now we can look forward to

….more Beach Time!  
We are so thankful for many wonderful days and years 
spent on the island and look forward to many more!
If you are interested in enjoying some "Island Time" 
You can find our condo listed on:  Property ID #342525 

Please continue to pray for those whose homes and lives 
were destroyed by Hurricane Dorian. If you would
like to make a donation click on the link below.

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Sunday, June 9, 2019

Atlanta Designers Network tours Sun Trust Park

Sun Trust Park is a baseball park located in the Atlanta metropolitan area
10 miles northwest of downtown Atlanta in the unincorporated 
community of Cumberland, in Cobb County, Georgia.
Our design group, Atlanta Designers Network use to meet
at the Georgian Club in the Galleria complex. You could say
we watched this ball park grow up!

This year for our June Social we decided we would take 
a tour of the Park! Our first stop as we entered was to get a look 
at this tomahawk made out of Legos! 

When the Braves are playing at home they list their 
starting line up on this board just, as you come into the park.

Our first stop was at the Champion Suite.

I was amazed at the size of the suites. They were not as big as I expected.
This is the lounge area and the entire suite holds 32 people. 
The price was amazing too! 

Our Tour Guide was named Bill. Here he is in the area known 
as the Braves Memorial Garden. 

This is the Rawlings Gold Glove Award

This plaque shows the Braves that have won the Gold Glove Award. 

Behind the bronze statue of "Hammerin Hank Aaron," are stacked 
baseball bats representing the number 755. His 755th home run 
broke Babe Ruth's record. 

This is where they keep the Braves' 1995 World Championship trophy.

In another area of the park is a full size bobble head of Hank Aaron.

This is one of several areas that when closed off are completely
soundproof. This is a consideration for autistic and sound sensitive people 
that might attend a game. It gives them a place to get away from the noise.

How about watching the game behind home plate?

These are the seats behind home plate. Covered up between the seats 
are outdoor televisions, so you can watch the game or another 
 program you might choose. 

This is the dugout. The only place we did not get to go was the locker rooms! 

This is the Memorabilia Store that is located inside the park. 

There are a number of areas that are available to rent. Depending
on the size of the  group, there is a place for everyone 
to watch the game. This is the Coors Light Chophouse. The round 
circles cut into the top are to keep your beverage cold. It is a 
cooling system and will keep your brew at 38 degrees!

These are the pub tables in the Coors Light Chop House.

Also on the same level is the Jim Beam Dugout Lounge.

This is the Delta Sky 360 Club. 

Moving from the bottom to the top, we are now enjoying the view 
from the Press Box. 

At the entrance to the Press Box are these portraits honoring
past Braves Sportscasters. 

Also on the top level is the Xfinity roof top lounge.

If you are waiting for the ball game to start, there are games 
for you to play up here.

Our last stop was at the Infiniti Club Suite.

Placed around the Sun Trust Park are shirts honoring 
former Braves players. This belongs to one of my favorite players! 
He calls Flowery Branch, Georgia home now. When Phil and his lovely wife Nancy, first moved to Flowery Branch, I worked with them on the interior of their home.

We wrapped up our tour by having lunch at the
Yard House! 

We all agreed that this was a great experience! 

source: Debbie's pictures