Sunday, April 6, 2014

Interior Design Humor!

Interior Design is serious business, but like everything
in life, you can always find some humor! 
A number of years ago I received several cartoons
at a Design ADAC event. I thought I would 
share these with you and some others
that have come across my desk. 
 I hope they will tickle your funny bone
and help you realize we should never 
take ourselves to seriously!

Does it come in colors?

Well what do you think of the price?
I know this room is only nine by twelve, but with your
ingenuity I'm sure you'll find room for a bar, a baby grand piano,
56" flat screen TV, bookshelves, a card table and chairs, storage
space and a conversation corner...." 

Fourth Decorator she's put away this week!

I guess we should have checked the measurements on the sofa?!?!