Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Interior Design goes Country - Part 2 - Ya'll Come Visit!

If you missed Part 1 of the Southern Living Showhouse
at Fontanel (formerly Barbara Mandrell's property)

This shows the Idea house and the Bunkies.

 Before leaving the main house, we may want 
to stop in the powder room. 
Iron, granite tile and a beautiful vessel sink 
make for a nice mix of textures.

We will exit the main house through the mud room and head down 
the porch steps to the guest house.

But we must pause a minute and take a look
inside Cesar's dog house! 

In the downstairs Guest House suite. Phoebe used a rich
mushroom brown and cream color palette.

I love everything neutral and calm in this area. 
The basket texture, trims and fabrics make this a 
perfect getaway spot.

The Fig is the new plant to replace the sad and
dated ficus!

All of the fabrics in the downstairs suite, 
outside and inside are Sunbrella! 

Those are tiles (not wallpaper) used as a wainscot in
the guest bath. They are also from 
Ann Sacks.

For the upstairs guest suite, Medium Ticking in 
Warm Gray by laurakiran.com.

The ceiling is oxblood red and a red trim, pillows and
accessories  are used with white bedding.

On either side of the main house are his and hers bunkies!
They mimic each other inside and out. 

Hers has a soft and airy feel used with shades of blue.
Not to sure about that head, but wonderful 

I love this old chest! I think I have one in 
the attic. Now how to do this aged finish!
This picture doesn't do the finish justice!

I like how they have hung the mirror over the window.
That way they can still take advantage of the natural light.

Perfect little kitchenette.
*I wish I had one of these cute houses to 
use for a work/getaway space! 

Here is a peek at his bunkie. 

Darker furniture and pieces that have a heavier
look, offer a more masculine feel.

Outside you will find an unique rain chain.
Rain chains drain water to the ground from your gutter. 
They are like an artistic water spout!

And here it is on a rainy day! Leslie said the sound of the rain on
the tin roof was incredible!

It is getting dark now, so we must be leaving the house.
Lets go have a glass of wine and talk about all the
wonderful ideas we have seen today!

If you have more questions about the showhouse, 
you can go to this link for FAQ.

Y'all Come Visit

Open House Hours
June 29 – December 29, 2013
Open Wednesday – Sunday
9:00 am – 3:00 PM

4133 Whites Creek Pike
Nashville, TN 37189

source: Leslie's photos and Southern Living.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Interior Design goes Country!

I'm a little bit country / And I'm a little bit rock 'n roll / I'm a little bit of
 Memphis and Nashville / With a little bit of Motown in my soul / 
I don't know if it's good or bad...

but it could easily apply to the mix of styles in this years 
Southern Living Showhouse located in the town 
of Madison Tennessee. 

My dear friend and excellent photographer, Leslie, went 
to see the showhouse, which is located on the 
former estate of country singer, Barbara Mandrella. 

Les has so graciously shared a 
number of her pictures and thoughts with us!

Madison (near Nashville) had
received 7 inches of rain on the day Leslie attended.
It is a good thing they had used this chevron design. It keeps the
door stable and helps keep it from warping! 

Wouldn't you love to plop down on this front porch swing?

Phoebe Howard is the Interior Designer for this years showhouse.
Spruce-planked walls and wood beams came from an old 1890 
Tennessee barn. The soft colors for the house were pulled 
from the outside palette of green and blue.

Opposite view

These barn doors are from a 1900 Tennessee barn.

Here is a close up of the cabinets, that are a sage green 
and the back splash and counters are marble.

Architectural designer, Terry Pylant, said they
 design this to look as if it might be enclosed for future interior use.

Here is a shot of the back porch showing it exiting off
the dining room.

Leslie said that the top of this table has a beautiful flow, 
movement and color. The wicker chairs are a perfect choice.

I love this deep green paint and how Phoebe balanced it 
with the light upholstery. 

When you arrange bookcases, put your accessories in first, 
no small knickknacks, and then fill in with the books.

Leslie said to be sure and noticed all of the bottles, boxes 
and containers they used throughout the house! 
The stripes on the wall are two different tiles from
Ann Sacks. 

Pretty laundry skirted laundry sink!

Soft and serene Master Bedroom. Be sure you don't track
in any of that Tennessee mud! 

I love the tub. But I hope the new owners are 
young enough to climb in and out!

Great pattern used on the floor in the 
master bath and closet. These floor tiles 
are also from Ann Sacks. Doors in both rooms
are refined lime wood. 

So much to see and take in! Come back tomorrow and I will share 
more porches, the guest suite and bunkies with you! 
To be continued......

source: Leslie's photos and Southern Living.