Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What goes around, comes around....

While I was trying to decide what to talk about in this blog post, something popped into my “in box” that helped make the decision for me. To begin with I want to tell you a little bit about how I started my love of interior design.
When I was in high school I had made up my mind I was going to pursue a career in fashion design. Then during my junior year my Mother decided my bedroom needed an update.  Her good friend and our back door neighbor, Alvina Betts, was her interior designer. They included me in all of the selections and with them I made my first of many trips to the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC.) That is when I made the decision to find out more about this exciting new career option.
Now back to what was in my “in box.” Fashion Week has just wrapped up in NYC this week and the new color forecast for the Fashion industry had been posted.
There in the color forecast for Fall 2011 were all of the colors that had graced the design of my teenage bedroom! We had used emberglow, cedar, coffee liqueur and nougat. The main fabric was a cotton print of butterflies, woodland flowers and vines. All of those colors on a cream background. Still love it today!
It used to be that the interior design took a year or more to follow the color trends of the cat walk. But things are picking up, so it won’t be long before you will start seeing these colors coming into play in the higher end of the interior design industry. Quickly after, they will be showing up at Target in their household department and it all started on the runway!
Tory Burch
House Beuatiful

So I am grateful to our neighbor, who was a lovely lady and an excellent designer, for helping me get to where I am today!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Do you launch a blog with champagne?

 This is the official launch of my design blog "Southern ~ Design ~ Style." My name is Debbie and you will find out more about me as we go along and I hope you will post on my blog, so I can find out more about YOU!
I confess….I am a design junkie! I have been one for more years than I want to admit. Because of that fact, I have been working as an interior designer to indulge my habit! I live in North Georgia near Atlanta where there are amazing design, architectural and style resources. I also live, lust and obsess over all things Southern!
Why start a design blog? To me I feel like it will be more like an on-line journal of my experiences with design. Whether I am working with clients, participating in my design group, touring a showhouse, reading magazines, books or other design blogs or attending markets or design programs, there are always “take aways and ah ha moments” waiting to be recorded or shared.
Interior Design is an experience that we feel visually and emotionally. It is part of our personal lifestyle and is always evolving at different stages in our lives. I feel that writing a blog is like working as a designer with a client. It is an ongoing relationship.  It is an adventure that you set out on together looking for inspirations and solutions.
We will discover new things about design, style and being from the South as I find my way around in the blog world. We may take some detours where I will ramble about my family, friends and my dog. But I promise that I will try not to bore you!
So join me on the path for this journey……….