Thursday, October 22, 2015

Just a little island in Georgia, BUT...

(Nancy Kirkpatrick)
If you head Southeast from our North Georgia area, you will find the beautiful barrier islands of the Georgia coast.

(Donna MacPherson)

Saint Simons Island is a beautiful peaceful little island
 where people go to build their dream castle. 

The beaches are beautiful and perfect for strolling and jogging.

You might get lucky and see dolphins while you are on
your walk.

If you want to get in the water there is always 
the challenge of Stand Up Paddle board. 

You may want to enjoy the water by taking a kayak tour.

You will find a cherished Georgia treasure,
The King and Prince resort where you can
enjoy your ocean front stay.

There are a number of condos and homes you can also rent

and the colorful Coastal Cottages.

As you walk along the beach, you will find 

a number of beautiful oceanfront homes.

This one was even a Coastal Living Showhome.

There are many beautifully landscaped yards that flow 
down to the beach.

 one weekend out of the year, 
our beautiful little island is invaded 
by Georgia Bulldog Fans! 

They are there for the Worlds Largest Cocktail Party
It will take place in Jacksonville, Florida on
October 31st this year. Most of the time that date
is known as Halloween, but this year it will
be the GA/FL game Friday! 
They flock to local watering holes like 
Brogens in the village. A long standing
tradition for Dawg Fans!

But over the years, the crowd coming to the island has grown. 
Students have started to flock to the usually uncrowded beaches.

They now have their own area of the beach known as Frat Beach.

But each year the crowds have grown and things have 
gotten out of hand, along with the trash.

Especially around Halloween, you never know 
who you might see! Is that Big Bird?

The locals try to make keeping the beaches clean
and easy task.

They try to establish some beach rules.

It is enough to make a dog say, "can I get a little help here?"

But as the sunrises after a day on Frat Beach, 
things look a little different than usual.

Last year over 21,000 pounds of liter were removed from the beach. 

(Donna MacPherson)
This year even the local Diva, Precious the Pig, may have to get up early to help.
So this year don't let the dogs remove the trash 
just in Jacksonville.

(Donna MacPherson)
Everyone pitch in on the island, so the locals 
will have something to celebrate when the 
weekend is over and they get to take their 
beach back!

So everyone enjoy and have a safe Halloween!

And on Saturday let the big DAWG eat! 

Take care of St. Simons Island. We all want to be able
to enjoy the island for many more Ga/Fl weekends 
in the future. 


Source: Nancy Kirkpatrick, Donna MacPherson, Pinterest and Internet images.