Sunday, September 6, 2015

Tradition continues at the Swan Coach House

This is a story about two little girls, 
their mothers and how a tradition was born.

(Courtenay and Anslee)
When these two little fashionistas were very young,
(back in the early '70's) 
their mothers would dress them up 
and take them to Atlanta.

One of their favorite places to dine, was the
Swan Coach House. 
Good table manners were learned 
here at lunchtime. 

The Swan Coach House was established in 1965. 
A group of extraordinary women established 
the Forward Arts Foundation in Atlanta, Georgia.
Their steadfast mission to promote and support 
the visual arts in metro Atlanta continues to this day.
These distinguished arts patrons, whose dynamic leadership 
was matched by their determination transformed the garage of the 
Swan House estate into a restaurant and gift shop.

As you drive up to the valet parking,
you will see the first of many swans.

There are three doors to enter the Coach House. 
This red door is the entrance to the Art Gallery. 

In 1984, an art gallery was established. Throughout
its history the Forward Arts Foundation has 
raised significant funds in support of the visual arts
and has created an indelible mark on Atlanta's arts landscape.

The second door will take you into the Gift Shop. There 
are several rooms that house a children's area, household items,
women''s apparel and jewelry, antiques and gift items. 
Many fabulous finds have been discovered while you wait to be seated.

Also in the Gift Shop, you will find some beautiful design books
and these two treasures. 

The Swan's Palette Cookbook

If you are tired and want to sit, there is a lovely waiting area
that you can sit in. Notice the painting of the
swans over the settee. 

There are several dining areas. We always like to 
eat in the main dining room. When Anslee and Courtenay
were little, they called this room "the big birthday party."
At that time these walls were covered in fabric that had
beautiful balloons in soft pastel shades! 

But change must happen and now they have this gorgeous 
floral background! 

The menu at the Swan House is yummy.
I have a difficult time not always ordering
The Swan Favorite.

And of course for dessert, there is nothing better than 
the French Silk Swan! 

This is one of the dining areas upstairs. 
It is perfect for a private luncheon. It 
will seat 15 - 24. 

Is this not a fabulous Ladies Room! 

Here is a close up of the walls. I can't think
of a more appropriate pattern! 

This is the glass porch upstairs on the front of 
the Swan Coach House. Perfect for a bridesmaid's luncheon.
There are white swans on the dark green fabric. 
A beautiful window treatment that does not hide, but
enhances the view.

Upstairs overlooking the gardens, is a large glassed in
room that is the perfect stop for a large luncheon or dinner.
This room is called the Katydid room!

On the lower level, there is another large dining room. 
This room has a more casual feel and would make men 
feel more comfortable dining here.

In the ladies room downstairs, we find 
another swan! 

The Forward Arts Foundation host and annual Swan Coach 
House Flea Market.This year it is on September 18-20. 
Admission to the Flea Market is free and 
open to the public. 

Not to long ago, we stopped by the Swan Coach House
and got to enjoy a lovely ladies luncheon! 
(L-R Our friend Vickie, Anslee's mother Elaine, and myself)

And those two little girls  ....

They grew up, but they still LOVE going to the
Swan Coach House! 

source: Debbie Jacobs Designs, Pinterest and The Swan Coach House