Saturday, January 9, 2016

Designing Resolutions for 2016

It is that time of year when we start thinking 
about goals, resolutions, new habits...

Yesterday I listened to a webinar on resolutions.
webinar (Web-based seminar) is a presentation, lecture, workshop 
or seminar that is transmitted over the Web.
Over the past years I have heard some that 
made we want to jump up and immediately take 
action and others have actually put me to sleep

This one for designers made several good points.  It 
was hosted by Deb Barrett and Jackie Von Tobel. 
15 Resolutions You Need to make in 2016!
Some of their resolutions I could apply to myself and  some I could see
my readers and clients using too. 

The (1st) one was "Drink More Champagne!" 
I think this could apply to anyone! I think
it came about from the news stories in 
December about Champagne being 
good for your health!

Number (2) is to create an evening rituals that will help 
you wind down before bedtime. They might include, 
showers, facials, reading, Applying Eucalyptus oil to
your feet and putting on socks...give this one a try! 
Mentally get ready for the next day.  
*I might go over my appointments for the next day. 
Or think about a different look for a clients room. 
** My client might visualize what she wants in her room
to make it unique to her needs. Something they want
to share to make the room function better for them.

(3) Skip the juice cleanse and do a digital disconnect! Disconnect 
to reconnect. Take a minimum of 24 hours off from your 
electronics and social media. Even better do an entire weekend.
This might be a good time to get outdoors and hike or bike. Take
a new class like yoga or art lessons.  
* I tend to usually do my blog post and newsletters on the 
weekends. I need to work more of these type items back into a 
work day. That way the weekend can be for time with 
family and friends or some "me" time for reading!
**This would be a good time for clients to sit down together 
 with their children to talk about what their needs 
and wants are for renovations in their house. Also children 
need to be have their ideas included when it
is time to make changes in their rooms.

(4) Cross at least one item off your bucket list. 
I am sure all of us have something big we want to 
do or achieve. I have been fortunate in the past 
few years to cross some great destinations off my list. 
Bucket list don't necessarily have to be big items 
or expensive. Everyone's bucket list is different.

(5) Set a professional goal and do everything in your power 
to make it happen!
S Specific
    M Measurable
  A Attainable
R Relevant
     T Time bound 
*My professional goal(s) usually involve the terms in
the above picture. There is always something new
to be learned in the field of Interior Design. In
the past decade things have been changing at 
warp speed! A good many of them involve 
** I am sure I have clients that are experiencing these same
challenges in the technology for their career and family. This will take some 
additional thought in the design of their homes and
it is important for them to have a knowledge of how 
these items need to be applied to their home planning.

(6) Declutter your work space! House Beautiful magazine 
has stated that a 2016 trend will be the return of the desk
and home office. 
*This is at the top of my list for immediate action! I am way past
due on doing a major decluttering of my home office. 
**I am sure I have some clients that need this done too.

(7) Toss your tax documents from 2008 or before. I am not sure why 
this was included, but it would certainly free up some much 
needed space in my office. But always check with 
your accountant before shredding documents! 

(8) Start and commit to your side project. There are a 
number of reasons we get involved in something other than
work or family. Starting a side project isn't 
just a way to kill time. It is a powerful way to explore your passion. 
You might want to volunteer your skills 
to a non profit. I serve on the board of 
The Partnership for Gynecological Cancer Support. 
I became involved in this organization after several friends 
received a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.
You can learn more Here 

(9) Immerse yourself with more books that will 
educate you. We have all heard the phrase "you are
what you eat." If you want to become a better designer, 
simple consume more design books! Learn from people.
Learn from their mistakes. Learn from other cultures. 
*I have a large collection of Interior Design books that I
turn to for inspiration and information.
** It always makes for a good designer and client relationship,
if the client has spent some time viewing design books
and magazines. This will help them narrow down their likes
and dislikes. Remember "a picture is worth a thousand words!"

(10) Spend more time with others in your profession or that 
you share an interest. 
*A good many years ago at a designer event in Atlanta. I 
sat down to eat lunch with some ladies I had never met. Little did I 
know what this chance meeting would mean to me! All of the 
other ladies were members of a design organization called 
Atlanta Designers' Network. This chance meeting 
led to me joining ADN.  I have made so many
dear friends that I can network with, learn with and
share a mutual love for design and our careers. If you
are an independent Interior Designer and might be interested
in this group, please contact me.

**There are many opportunities to become acquainted with 
people that share the same interests as you do. It might be 
a neighborhood group or a local woman's group. 
We have an excellent one in our area called Women Source
You can find out more about it Here 
This is another great organization that I am involved with and
have made friends I might not have ever met.
If you have a preteen or teenage girl, be sure to read 
about their fantastic event that is coming up the endo
of the month. Girl Power 2016  HERE

(11) Maximize your most creative time. Are you a morning person, 
afternoon or evening person?  It is sometimes difficult to decide! 
*I tend to do better with office and detail work first 
thing in the morning. Mid morning to afternoon, is my best 
time to interact with others, including my clients. Early 
evening I get another burst of office time. 
** Clients, it is always best to try to work your appointments
around a time you feel creative and are not rushing to finish
and get somewhere. Sometimes creativity will get on a 
roll and you want to keep rolling with it!

(12) Know when not to be productive. There are only so many things
we can do in a day! There are a number of "To Do List" templates
on your computer and many apps for your phone and tablets.
We all have days that get away from us and interruptions
that throw us off our schedule. Try to have a back up plan
when things get out of hand! 

(13) Create your own dream team! Do you need people to help
you with your business? Identify friends and acquaintances 
that are in the field or a similar field that  you can call 
on for advice. Call them and meet for lunch and find out 
how they might help you and you help them. If you have 
young children and need help after school, gather some 
of the mothers that have children the same age and 
take turns carpooling and helping each other. Getting to 
know these other mothers will help all of you work 
together when anything arises with your children. 
Find friends with like interests. I am in a book club 
and really enjoy getting together and  talking about
books we have read. This has introduced me to several 
new authors and friends!

(14) Do ever feel like this when you sit down at your desk? 
We all have mounds of papers! They can be professional 
and personal. It doesn't take long for them to get out
of control! There are a number of ways you can work
on controlling the paper tiger! 
Automation, out sourcing, virtual assistants, and apps are 
all ways to work with efficiency. One site they shared 
is called Task Rabbit Look around. Help may just be
one click away!

(15) Create a Vision Board. The Law of Attraction has been around for a 
long time. It is the idea that whatever we give a lot of attention to 
will become part of our lives.
The law of attraction says that when we give something we want positive 
attention, we create positive vibrations that make it easier to manifest 
our desire. This is where the vision board comes into play. 
A vision board is a collage of images, pictures, and affirmations of your 
dreams, goals, and things that make you happy. It can also be 
called a dream board, treasure map, or vision map. Creating a vision board 
can be a useful tool to help you conceptualize your goals and can serve 
as a source of motivation as you work towards achieving your dreams.

I know this has been a long post, but Deb and Jackie shared some
great ideas to start off the new year! I hope you got some great
takeaways to use in 2016!

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