Monday, August 29, 2011

Interior Design “find” in Cashiers, North Carolina!

Do you ever feel like things happen for a reason? Maybe it was the coconut cake my two friends and I lingered over at lunch. Maybe it was the wrong turn we took on the way to the shuttle stop. But for whatever the reason, I am glad we were detained. We had driven to Cashiers, North Carolina to see their annual Designer Showhouse. While we were waiting to board the shuttle to the showhouse, I noticed two men in front of us. One of them seemed strangely familiar. I asked my friends if they had seen him on television. The other man over heard us and said that is Leslie Jordan. You may not recognize the name, but you would his face! He played on “Will and Grace” and most recently was in “The Help.” Leslie is original from Chattanooga and still has that southern charm! He could not wait to tell us all about filming his cartwheel in the Help!
Leslie Jordan

We struck up a conversation with them as we rode on the shuttle. Little did we know what a design treat was ahead of us! The other man was Charles Faudree. If you are not familiar with his name you may have seen his design talent in magazines like Veranda, House Beautiful, Traditional Homes or one of his several design books. He has his own line of fabrics through Vervain. Charles has created a name for himself nationally and internationally after being a part of the design industry for over forty years.
Charles Faudree

Charles is based out of Tulsa, Oklahoma. But has recently purchased a home in the Cashiers area and did the entryway for the 2011 showhouse “Reflections.”

Reflections - Cashiers Designer Showhouse 2011

The showhouse runs through September 4th.  If you can make it to Cashiers, you will enjoy this house. It is actually two houses that have been put together and the designers have out done themselves in making their designs work with the interior and exterior of the house. The lake view is particularly stunning from the porch areas. I could have happily curled up with a good book and spent the afternoon there.

Charles had his new book “Details” for sale in the gift shop area, but he was told, when we arrived, they had sold out. I had recently seen his book advertised and had it on my “to purchase” list. We were almost finished with our tour, when Charles came back through the house looking for us. They had received some additional books and he came to let us know and tell us he would be glad to autograph our copies! Not only did we get Charles’ signature, but Leslie agreed to sign our books too!  I want to share with you several pictures of interiors created by Charles Faudree.

If you like his style, I would suggest checking out his books. They are in bookstores and on Amazon. I know your book will not be as cherished as mine, since every time I see Leslie and Charles signatures I will think of what a lovely afternoon we had with such entertaining Southern Gentlemen!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Cats

I have been on a brief blog break, since I got back from my trip. Been trying to get caught back up on work and other things that needed my attention, since I returned. I plan to get back on a more regular posting schedule. (I hope!) I have a few more things from my trip to share with you, but will mix them in with design notes.


I think I would have to say our best dining experience in Barcelona was at 4 Cats. It was certainly the one that had the most interesting decor and beautiful exterior. All of this, to me, helps to make the the meal exceptional.

We had several people tell us not to miss the 4 Cats. They said it was very popular and to be sure and call for a reservation. We decide to go there for lunch and made a reservation. We were glad that we did, as soon as we arrived they started to fill up fast.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the food was and the service was exceptional.

 After turning off one of the main streets we wandered down one of the many alley ways to the entrance. The alleys are made out of stone and are not very wide. Mainly foot traffic with a few bikes.

After entering through the front door we come into a room with this mural on the wall. Our hostess then led us back into the next area....

...that was the bar. The front and back areas on the bar had the most incredible tile work all around it. The ladies room is through the door to the left. European bathrooms usually allow a "lot  to be desired!" This one was incredible with the same magnificent tile work on the walls, the floors and the stalls. Quite elegant! After our detour, we were escorted back through the door to the right.

This was the view from our table across the main dining room. The fresh flowers in the center were a gorgeous arrangement! All done with white and green flowers. Always one of my favorite combos for arrangements in a room with so much going on and filled with color.

Here are the 4 traveling gals enjoying a lovely glass of wine before our culinary adventure begins at the 4 Cats. (from left to right: Patty Wallis, Pat Hensley, yours truly, Vaughan Nalley)

Love these beautiful windows and their surrounds. They let in just enough natural light. I would have loved to have seen the interior at night.

 Here is another shot of the exterior. This entire street was just loaded with charm!

It is time to say goodbye to the 4 Cats and move on to another adventure or maybe a siesta!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Basking in Barcelona

I'm back from my recent European jaunt to Barcelona and down the Italian coast. What a fantastic trip it was. My three traveling friends and I managed to pack each day full of sites and experiences. Over the next few post, I will share some of these special places with you. I have been posting pictures on my Facebook Fan Page, so I thought I would share them also here for those that are not on FB. 
We started our trip in Barcelona, Spain on Wednesday, July 13th. There was lots of twisting and turning as I tried desperately to take in all the sights around me!

This was my very first shot. I was already impressed with the Spanish architecture.

The tile and mosaic work in the buildings are incredible. Heading into the Parc de las Ciutadella. (Park)

The Spanish Arc de Triomf. The grand entrance to the park. Close up of the angels tooting their horns and offering wreaths.

I  could have spent hours exploring in this park. So many beautiful sculptures and fountains. But since this was our first outing. It was time to move on.

Time to stop for the first of many glasses of Sangria and tapas! They have these funny two ft. long straws to use for sipping! The Dolphin Cafe was a great people watching place. Barcelona is very busy this time of the year. I was surprised at the overall size and mass crowds.

The next day we started off with a stroll down La Rambla. La Rambla is very crowded (that helps to make it a high crime area) but worth the risk to see all the beautiful buildings and the sites.

Gorgeous flower stalls are up and down La Rambla.

The entrance to the Mecat (Market)

These look like a painting. The presentation at each stall was amazing.

Meats of all types are on display and also some that were not suitable for this photo opp. Not for the squimish!

Garlic, peppers and wonderful seasonings make the food oh so delicious!

The mimes are all up and down the street posing for pictures to earn euros.

Our next place to visit on our walkig tour was The Port of Barcelona

Here is the marina at the Port. My husband had told me to be sure and get lots of boats and marinas for him to see. No pictures could do this area justice.

and of course they can not have an ordinary walking bridge

This is our feathered friend Jorge.  He stayed with us while we sat on the pier and watch the boats come and go. He had no fear and I was surprised he hung out with us, since we did not have any snacks to share!

Before heading back to our hotel to get ready for dinner, which was usually late around 10:00 PM, we had to stop and enjoy a "Happy Hour" glass of Sangria. We were four tired gals, from so much walking. But it was oh so worth it!

I will be back soon with some more highlights to share!  Adeu (for now)

*I love for you to post comments and share your thoughts with me.