Sunday, November 20, 2016

Design on the Half Shell

Large clam shells are popping up all over the design world. 
My husband recently surprised me with a real one! 
They have become so popular that they are now
being produced in resin. They are ideal in any room,
even if you don't have a coastal feel. They are perfect
to offer texture and make ideal holders for a variety 
of items or can be beautiful all on their own!

Beverage holder

So sit back and enjoy all the uses I can show you.
If you can think of another way to use a clam shell, please leave me 
a message in the comments below! 

Orchid Planter

Used as a sink in a casual, nautical inspired powder room.

Or in a very formal powder room, as a vessel sink, on top
of a mirrored console.

They make beautiful seasonal containers. This one is full of Spring Flowers!

In the Summer they are perfect for succulents.

You can use a shell instead of a Cornucopia for Thanksgiving!

What a beautiful Christmas arrangement! 

They are especially beautiful filled with shells. 

Hydrangeas are another type of flower, that are beautiful placed 
in a clam shell. 

A great idea to fill up a fireplace that you don't use.

They are also great used as a stand alone accessory in a fireplace. 
(This picture is in Ali Wentworth and George Stephanopoules's living room.)

What did I do with my clam shell? We have a large collection of all types, sizes 
and colors of shells and coral. I have mine full of shells and in our bay window,
for now. But I have lots of other possibilities in mind for it!

If you would like to know more about the clam shells....

The giant clam, Tridacna gigas, is one of the numerous clam species that exist in the coral reefs of the South Pacific and Indian oceans. As the name suggests, these are huge clams, so much so that they are regarded as the largest extant species of bivalve molluscs. Owing to the fact that they occur in marine environment, the giant clams belong to the family Cardioidea, to which all the other saltwater clams belong. These creatures were first documented by an Italian explorer, as early as 1521. Since then, the giant clams have been studied in great detail

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source: El Decor, House Beautiful, Coastal Living, Pinterest

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Designers just want to have fun! (and learn)

I do believe that things happen for a reason. During
the holiday season of 2002, I attended a lovely designer luncheon
at the Madison Gallery in the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center.  
I was by myself and started to look around for a place to sit. 
I saw one empty seat at a table and decided to approach the group 
and ask if I could join them. I sat down next to a very 
lovely lady named Gail. In listening to their conversation, I realized that 
all these designers seemed to be part of a group. Gail leaned over 
to explain that they belong to an organization called
the Atlanta Designers' Network. She asked me if I would
like to visit a meeting. Business cards were exchange. After the holidays,
I wondered if she would follow through with the invitation.
About the middle of January 2003, I heard from Gail and in February 
I attended my first ADN membership meeting. Little did I know what 
a wonderful adventure I was starting. This fabulous group of designers
has offered me rewarding friendships and excellent networking
opportunities. We meet every month, except July, and have had some 
excellent programs. Over the years I have served on the board 
of this group as Marketing chairman, President and this
year I am the Program Chairman. I would love to take credit for 
our November program, but many hands were involved in 
putting it together. We had such a great experience, 
that I want to share it with you.

We went to Pirch! What/Where you ask? 
Pirch is located in the heart of Buckhead, across from Phipps Plaza, 
at 3535 Peachtree Road, Atlanta, Georgia.
It offers a carefully-vetted array of premium lifestyle products for the home, 
from indoor- and outdoor-kitchens and laundry appliances, 
to personal wellness systems, bath fixtures and decorative plumbing.

We entered from the upper parking deck. To your left is
a beautiful LaCornue stove in turquoise. Straight ahead is the
welcome area, where you can get fruit infused water or coffee.

What a beauty!

Our tour guide was the lovely Michelle McGuire, 
the Director of Marketing and Development for Pirch.
She walked us around the showroom and answered 
our numerous questions. 

To our right was a group of lovely bath accessories.

We saw groups of washer and driers. Along with a...

a steam closet! 

Most of the sinks, tubs and showers 
are actually plumbed. 

We were like little kids, 
turning the water off and on! 

You even get a chance to meet the Stones! 

Don't you just love this tub!

We then turned a corner and there was the Sanctuary. 

The Sanctuary is in a separate room 
that has draperies that draw across the door (no windows).

The reason for the privacy is because you can schedule
a time to go into the Sanctuary in your bathing suit or 
birthday suit! to try out the showers!

These are some of the shower heads that are available in the Sanctuary.

Here are some of the many faucets you can choose from.
These can be lifted off the display and moved to your choice of sinks.

They have a large selection of unusual vanities. 

and toilets.

This style you just wave your hand across the top 

and voila, it opens and shuts all by itself!

Beautiful vessel bowls of all shapes, sizes and materials.

Scattered around the showroom are quotes that 
speak to you... 

and detail information about their products.

This kitchen had a wine refrigerator and to the right 
of it is a wine dispenser. 

A number of brands of appliances are shown with a 
knowledgeable team to answer your questions.

I am sure there are some Tennessee fans that would love
a big orange range! 

With all of these kitchens we saw, we were starting 
to get a little hungry! 

As we neared the outdoor kitchens, we started to 
smell something good! 

One thing the ADN members love to do is eat! 
We were treated to a magnificent meal. Rumor has it
that if you visit Pirch around lunchtime, you will 
be invited to sit and have a plate. 

It would have been wonderful to sit and stay for awhile. But
business calls, so as hugs are exchange and goodbyes said,
the designers scatter to find new fabrics, furniture or search for that
perfect something for their clients!
We know we will get together again next month! 

Source: Debbie Jacobs Designs