Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Every year I say, NO MORE! But every year, something catches our eye 
that just has to be added to the Christmas decorations here! 
I have to keep a close watch or we might become 
Christmas hoarders. 

This little snowman was the first 
thing to find his way home.

Close friends sent us this beautiful live wreath. 
We wanted something for our back door and this was 
just perfect. 

I always like to have something live and blooming at Christmas

I have had this orchid since before Thanksgiving.
But it is blooming so pretty right now, that
I just had to show you!

Not everything is brand new this year. 
The same dear friends that gave us the 
wreath this year gave us Ho Ho Ho
coming down the chimney!

We have had our front door wreath, since
we moved into our house in 1995! 

Sometimes I want to turn off this little Santa Clock.
I feel like he is ticking away the hours I have left 
to do everything! He has a very distinct 
tick tock sound.

When my grandson, Jake, was little, my Husband would
come in with all these crazy talking toys. I was never really 
sure if Johnny or Jake enjoyed them more. 
I do get a kick out the obnoxious snowman. 
He comes out with things like "I Got Plowed Last Night!"

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus are very old. 
We always used them at Christmas when I was very 
little girl. They are salt and pepper. 

We usually have our Santa Collection on the mantle. But this 
year we decided to do something different and put all our 
Christmas pictures up there.

One of my sweet designer friends sent me my favorite 
Christmas Card this year! I do love a little leopard print! 

When we had our Jack Russell, Miss Priss, we purchased 
the Olive the Other Reindeer book. We added a few 
other Olive things like the stuffed animal Olive
Unfortunately  this year, Olive had to hide on the mantle. 
Someone kept moving her around. 

Someone else is hiding, wonder if they are guilty? 

If you are just joining us this year, here are links for a look back 
at my past Christmas blog posts

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source: Debbie Jacobs Designs

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Well Set: Entertaining in Style with Home for the Holidays

The Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle. Home for the Holidays 
Show House opened this past week. This years house was 
a new home in the Buckhead area of Atlanta, Ga. 

I am going to share some links to blogs about the house, for
you to enjoy, at the end of this post.  But I always enjoy seeing how
the designers at some of Atlanta's wonderful home stores 
set their holiday tables. 

Boxwood Gardens  and Gifts set a rustic table, but
dresses it up with a touch of fur on the table skirt. 

Nandina Home & Design does a classical red and silver 
table setting, but they include some holiday ornaments
to draw your eye up!

I don't usually think of candy canes as being formal, 
But Parties to Die For, uses them to create a 
very elegant table.

The Mercantile does modern with an oriental twist for their holiday table. 
I love how they used the colors in the artwork for their table scheme.

Interior Philosophy set up a beverage table with a 
winter wonderland theme. 

What does the Fox say?  Charles Willis knows! 

Christmas in Paris decked out in silver and gold.
Huff Harrington Home shares their love of all things
French for the holidays.

I know you are ready to see the Home for the Holidays show house.
So click on the links below and 
(The show house is open through December 7th)

source: Debbie Jacobs Designs, The Ace of Space, Things that Inspire, Atlanta Homes & Lifestyle

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Much to learn about interior design in Turkey!

It is a cold. cloudy day in Northeast Georgia. It seems like it would
be a good time to remember back to this summer and a warm 81 
degrees and a sunny day in Turkey.

Our first stop was the house of the Virgin Mary.This is on Mt. Koressos. 
It is believed that this was where the Virgin Mary spent her last days.
The waters here, that flow from the Fountain of Our Lady, are believed 
to be holy waters and able to heal and cure the sick.

Our next stop was the Ancient City of Ephesus. This is 
Turkey's most significant excavation site. 

These are the public baths in the arena. Modesty 
was not a word/feeling they used. It was said
that a band played, so as to drowned out any 
 unpleasant sound effects! 

(working on the restoration)

We next visited the Terrace Houses for the very rich.
It was fascinating to see that they had created hot and
cold running water and used mosaics to decorate the
floors and walls of their homes.
More about the terrace homes HERE

After we left the terrace houses we went into the market 
place to shop. I love their sign - truth in advertising!

(Weaver working on the loom)

(Where the silk is removed from the cocoons)

(Bright patterns and colors)

(This one came back to the states)

Our lunch was in Kusadasi and was a meal of all local food items.
Next to where we dined was an rug vendor. We had a 
tour there and one of our ladies came home with
a beautiful runner. 

That was our visit in Turkey and we will be moving on to 
Santorini and Athens for our next stop! 
Back soon! 

source: photos - Debbie Jacobs

Thursday, October 23, 2014

A tribute to a great designer in Blu e Bianco

I was sad to hear of the passing of iconic designer 
Oscar de la Renta.
Most people thing of him as a fashion designer,

But he was a man of many talents and the fashion and 
interior design world were greatly changed by his contributions.

One thing that showed up in both his interior design and fashion 
 designs was his love for the use of blue and white combinations. 

His years in the Dominican Republic certainly offered him 
many wonderful shades of blue for inspiration. 

This is a design for Century furniture.

In my travels around the design blog world I have come to 
understand and appreciate the great love for blue and white.

So in memory of Oscar, I want to share with you some of 
my favorite blu e bianco rooms! 

I bet this is a bedroom on a beautiful island!

Perfect spot for entertaining!

Lovely and comfortable.

This powder room appears bigger with the use of 
the large scale wallpaper and the washed blue vanity.

Doesn't this collection of plates POP on the green wall.

What a focal point this grouping of blue and white
makes on this entrance table.

A classic blue and white check warms up this keeping room.

If a little is good, more is better. Love the red sea coral!

Did you ever think of blue and white for Christmas?

Why not? 

In tribute to Oscar de la Renta, here are the words of 
Sarah Jessica Parker

a loving tribute from 


More blue and white can be found on my Pinterest page

source: Hadley Court, Vogue, Hollywood Reporter, Pinterest