Thursday, October 24, 2013

Stop in for a "Spell!" Interior Design treats!

I am way behind with my blogging! September and October 
have been 
very hectic months. 
I have had a lot going on personally. We got a new 
grand puppy. Courtenay calls him "Devil Dog" when gets into 
one of those crazy puppy moods.

I had an anniversary and a birthday with several celebrations with friends. 
While having lunch with two very dear friends, Vickie and Elaine.
Vickie mentioned how much she enjoyed the blog I did on 
my little vases and containers.

This got me thinking about how my mother, daughter and I have 
always shared the joy of collecting special things. We had 
our Book Club at my daughter, Courtenay's house last night. I noticed 
as soon as I walked in, that she had out all of her 
Halloween Heirlooms! 
 I thought I would make this a blog post on what our family 

This smiling  fellow greets you at Courtenay's, door.

As you enter her casual entry (mudroom) you will find the first
touches of Autumn.

This scarecrow glitters and glows. He just doesn't show up as dazzling as 
he really appears.

Her breakfast room table is ready to start a crisp, sunny day!

Just like at Easter , we have to have a special 
Halloween Tree!

Here is a picture of my Halloween Tree. Do you see the green faced witch
my friend Bonnie gave me? When Jake was very little, he loved that witch on the tree. He had the adults laughing as He could not pronounce 
a W so his witch started with the letter B!

Courtenay has a beautiful collection of 
Neiman Marcus Christmas Snow Globes. 
One year I gave her this one for a Halloween surprise.

I think all females can identify with this tea towel! 

This is perfect for serving up a ghostly brew.

I got my exercise today chasing their puppy, so I could
get the tea light candle out of his mouth.The puppy is named "Golden."
Jake isn't much for silly names. His gold fish was named "Fish."

Come over to my house and I might serve you
 some yummy treats on my Fall pumpkin plate.

I can't decide if my wreath is crooked or maybe 
it is just the photographer!

This little scarecrow may be doing a good job with the birds.
But he is not helping a bit with the deer who keep getting in
the lower planter!

This is Boney. He is my newest addition to our
Halloween decor! 

When black cats prowl and pumpkins gleam,
May luck be yours on Halloween.
_ Author Unknown

May you each have a very Happy Halloween. 
Thank you for joining me on this little personal tour.

Come back and visit with me again soon.
A lot has been going on at the 
Atlanta Decorative Arts Center. 
I will be sharing  my day with the president of
Scalamandre Fabrics and Mario Buatta.
The Prince of Chintz is not what I expected! 
More Southern, Design and Style coming your way!

source: personal photos of Debbie Jacobs Designs