Sunday, October 1, 2017

Orange You Glad It is Fall Y'all!

No, I didn't fall off the face of the earth,
but at times it felt like I did! But I am back
and ready for FALL! 
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I love the Autumn months! 
As all good girls raised in the South say,
It is Fall Y'all! 

Discover ADAC took place last week and I went down on the 27th. 
My favorite program of the day featured Frances Schultz (L) 
She discussed her book "The Bee Cottage Story--How I Made a Muddle
of Things and Decorated My Way Back to Happiness. 
She is a very entertaining speaker! 

James Farmer, pictured with Katie Miner the ADAC general manager, 
was also there and he signed his newest book. 
I was disappointed he didn't do a presentation. I have heard
him speak several times and always enjoy his
down home personality!

The day wrapped up at the preview of Fifty-Eight Interiors. This is a new
ADAC Showroom and is co-owned by Bryan Kirkland and Gainesville's 
own, Jill Mansfield.

Now on to October!
Things are busy in the Design World during the Fall.
The High Point Furniture Market is this month. 

The Color Marketing Group* of North America said that "a sharp orange-red,

will emerge in 2017. Attitude makes an audacious statement 

whether searing in full-on color in furnishings,

as a quirky accent piece or supporting other bright hues in a print. 
The bold hue is modern and sleek, and creates energy in velvet, 
voluptuousness in silk, and air cheating slickness in high gloss.
A color that declares strenght and daring, it marries well with
many other colors, from muted olive and plum to sharp blue and yellow.

From furniture, accessories, paint, and carpets 

to pumpkins, wreaths, flowers and much more of 
outside decor! 

Orange You Glad it is Fall Y'all!


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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Discoveries on Saint Simons Island, Georgia

On several of my past visits to Saint Simons Island, I had noticed
what I thought was a home renovation. Then back in March I 
found out what was going on at the corner of Demere Road
and East Beach Causeway. Through the charming entrance
gate lies The Grey Owl Inn

The Grey Owl Inn is owned by retired Coca-Cola executive Bill Gussman
and his wife Susan. 

The Grey Owl Inn gets its name from the outline of an owl on a tree outside of a

bedroom window.The Gussmans purchased the original property from Joseph
Julian Gray. Members of the Gray family lived on the property for six decades. 

One thing I love about Saint Simons Island is that there is something to do every 
season of the year. I have heard there are people that are not that interested
in the beach. (Who are those people?) So for them or in cooler weather times, 
The Grey Owl Inn is the perfect bed and breakfast. The grounds have
a fish pond, water garden, and a gazebo. 

The Inn would not be a bed and breakfast without the wonderful food from
Tasteful Temptations and Brian Justice.Their quality cuisine is enjoyed at 
breakfast, high tea, and the five o'clock happy hour. 
Susan Gussman will welcome you in for a tour! 

This is the living room featuring stained glass by Pane in the Glass on the island.

Melody's Moorings Bedroom

Melody's Moorings Bath

Palm Court Bedroom

Palm Court Bath

Tree Top Bedroom

Tree Top Bath

To find out more CLICK HERE

Another recent discovery was that The Vine had a new location! 

We are designers and artists.

We are fun and collaborative.

In an industry of sameness, we are distinct

They create inspired designs for life’s celebrations. For gathering-places both formal and informal. For work, for play, for reflection.

These oyster shells are a bestseller! The Vine recently did a demonstration with
them at Steve McKenzie's showroom in Atlanta.  

They are also featured in this month's Better Homes and Garden magazine. 

The Vine was created in 2008 by Bryce Vann Brock and Kelly Revels. 
It is located at 12 Market Street on Saint Simons Island.

I hope you have enjoyed a little bit more about island time
on Saint Simons! 

Source: Coastal Illustrated, Harlan Hambright, The Grey Owl Inn, The Vine

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Christ Church Tour of Homes or the beginning of Spring!

The official start of Spring may be March 20th, 
but for me, it is always the third Saturday in March.
That is the date of the Christ Church Tour of Homes
on Saint Simons/Sea Island, Georgia! 

The Touring Girls (minus one) headed South to Saint Simons 
Island on March 15th. We always have a birthday celebration 
for one of the gals on Saint Patrick's Day. 
*I wish I could remember what year we started 
going on this tour. I started this blog in 2011 and 
I know we had gone at least five 
years before that. 

The Christ Church Tour of Homes and I have something
in common. We both got our beginning back in the 1950's.
This was the 64th year for the tour and 2017  homes 
were an exceptional group.

This tour is always difficult to share in a blog post, 
because cameras are prohibited, including 
cellphone pictures.
There are usually very few publicity pictures too. 
But I got lucky this year, because one of my 
favorite homes had been published earlier in an 
Atlanta magazine. So let's get started! 

Tour Stop 1 on St. Simons Island near Epworth, was 70's style 
ranch. This house had received a complete face lift. It had 
kept a lot of it's original Spanish design combined with
 treasures from Charleston and other travels. 
I think every one's favorite spot was the back porch that 
overlooked a tranquil lake in the backyard. 

Next was Tour Stop 3 (Historical landmarks, Stops 2 /9/10/11,
 are included every year on the tour) 
This stop had wonderful landscaping which gave you a very
secluded and peaceful feel. What an oasis the brick patio area is. 
This house was built in the 60's and is only 1500 square 
feet +/- but it feels much larger. The interior is very modern,
 but incorporates many of the original features.

This magnificent East Beach home was Tour Stop 4. What an
incredible home it is. This was one of my favorites. I met
 the designer, Lorraine DeSola,  many years ago. She is as 
lovely as she is talented. Her interior design style did 
not disappoint. Her special touches added to 
the easy beach living.

I could not get enough of this fabulous view. From the time
you enter the front door, you are drawn through the house to the 
back loggia. The living room, dining room and master bedroom
all open out to the loggia, so you can enjoy a gentle sea breeze
all over the house.  

Tour Stop Five was our first home on Sea Island. A number of 
years ago the tour sponsors started busing us over to Sea Island. 
A palette of soft sand and gray colors gives this home a beach design
Punches of color in the artwork keep this home full of surprises. 
White oak floors, pecky cypress ceilings and shiplap walls 
carry out the beach feel. 

Stop 6 on Sea Island was another one of my personal favorites. 
It sits on the Hampton River looking across to Little St. Simons. 
Walls of glass are across the back to take advantage of the river view. 
Soft grays, whites and oak floors help bring the feel of nature indoors. 
I really hope one of the shelter magazines get the opportunity
to showcase this home in the future. It has so many wonderful 
interior features including a "tower office."

Tour Stop 7 is a recently remodeled 50's cottage. It has a casual 
design feel that let's one enjoy a beach-side lifestyle. 
Colors of soft blues, greens and grays 
are inspired by the sea. This home is the perfect retreat 
for reading or just enjoying your time by the sea! 

Tour Stop 8  on Sea Island is designed by David Ecton and Lance 
Jackson. These two always do incredible interiors full of 
color and personality! I knew this condo would not disappoint. 

Lucky for us this home had been published in the Atlanta 
Magazine's Home Summer 2016 edition. 
Of course I love the leopard runner with the navy blue 
walls and white trim! 

I am not normally a "blue" fan, but there is something 
about blue and white when it is mixed with lattice, 
oriental porcelains and coral that always makes
 me change my mind! 

 Ecton and Jackson always do a great mix of traditional and 
contemporary with just the right pops of great colors 
to keep it fun! 

These colors just feel right especially here by the ocean!

It can't all be about blue and white and this green lacquered 
chest is a great transition into the bedroom.
What a fun mix of patterns and color gives this 
room a tropical feel.

Softer shades of green and blue are found in another bedroom.

But I do believe you might find the Touring Gals and 
me curled up here enjoying a bottle of wine. 
Can you say "Spectacular!"

That concludes our 2017 Tour of Homes, 
but I have some other fun places
that we discovered on this trip, coming up soon!

I am sending this out twice. We all make mistakes and I hit 
Publish instead of Preview, before I had finished 
formatting and proofing. I have been trying to decide which
size pictures I liked the best, so in this version,
I made them smaller. I do all my blog post and 
newsletters myself. So I take all
credit for any mistakes!  

source: Elegant Island, Tour of Homes program, Atlanta Magazine's Home

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