Saturday, December 9, 2017

There is no place like Home for the Holidays

The Atlanta Homes and Lifestyle Magazine held their
annual Christmas Showhouse. It seems to get more

difficult to fit things in at the holidays, but the

Touring Gals and I squeezed this one in during the
last week of the show. 

As with all Showhouses there are things that 
I consider excellent and others not so much. 
This year's house was a little light on the excellent. 
But come view the pictures and I will let you
 decide for yourself! Everyone has differnt taste
and that what makes the design world so interesting! 

The entry hall was designed by Barbara Westbrook. 
The glittery objects on the wall are butterflies. 

To the left of the foyer is the Dining Room designed
by Kay Douglass.

The Study was to the right of the Foyer. 
These chaises made me want to curl up and read. 
It was designed by James Wheeler.

One of our favorite rooms was this Powder Room
by Clary Bosbyshell. It was so elegant.

This darling little tree in the Powder Room came 
from the gift shop at Atlanta's Swan and Coach House. 

I personally like this Bar Room designed by Robert Brown. 

He also did the Living Room which was painted in the
Pantone color of the year Ultra Violet. 

It was a big room with lots of colors. (The wall color shows
up better in the first picture.) 

The Master Bedroom was designed by John Oetgen, sitting
on the bed above. 

This bedroom was full of interesting pieces.

 A close up of the bed. I love an animal print,
but I am not quite sure about the tiny chair?

The Master Bathroom was designed by Cathy Rhodes.

A very large and beautiful master bathroom! 

Everyone always wants to see the kitchen. 
This one was excellent. Designed by Meridith McBrearty,
it was inviting and definitely a gathering place for the family! 

Looking from the kitchen into the breakfast room 
and keeping room.

The breakfast room was also designed by Meredith
McBrearty and flowed off the kitchen. 

The keeping room was designed by Shayelyn Woodberry.

This porch would be perfect today if it had a 
roaring fire in the fireplace. 
Yvonne McFadden designed this covered porch. 

 I know everyone has a laundry room like this one.

This one looks a little more suitable for laundry.
It was designed by Lauren Davenport Imber. 

This stairwell was designed by Zeb Grant and showcased
the artwork from the Trinity School Spotlight on Art. 

Here is a closeup of the floral design that Zeb created.

At the top of the stairs was this upstair lounge created 
by Jimmy Stanton from Stanton Home Furnishings. 

This precious little boy's room got 5 stars
from the Touring Gals! 

This is a peek into the bath off the boy's bedroom.

I had a rocking horse just like this one when

I was a little girl. 

I felt like I was under the big top! 

Another guest room designed by Alice Crammer. 

My favorite "adult" bedroom was designed
by Paricia McLean. 

It was just elegant! 
She also did this bathroom too! 

I hope you enjoyed this Holiday Tour! If you look
closely, there is always something you will find 
that catches your eye in each picture! 

I want to wish each and every one of you 
A Very Merry Christmas! 

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Tuesday, October 24, 2017

We gather together! Table Designs!

Life goes by in a blink of the eye.
So be sure to appreciate the moments with family
and friends that make your life complete. 

Halloween is next week. Don't ask me how
it got here so fast!
But Thanksgiving and Christmas can't be far behind!

So get your pen and paper or head over to your computer.
It is time to start thinking about your table!

Here are some inspiration pictures to get you started! 

This one would be good anytime in the Fall!

A little more formal use of Blue and White.

I love this centerpiece that mixes a beautiful autumn harvest.

This one keeps it simple! 

Take it outside! 

Wouldn't this be a fun table for all your ghost and goblins?

Blackbirds and black leaves offer an interesting twist for Fall.
Looks more trick than treat! 

My favorite Thanksgivings are spent on the coast. This table
shows you how to make it special!

Why does food always taste better outside? 
I love all the extra touches on this table.

I nice choice of colors for giving Thanks!

The kraft paper makes clean up easy, but also a great
way to remind everyone why you have gathered. 

It always is fun to think outside the box. Grab a blanket 
instead of a tablecloth!

Mix together a group of unusual containers.

Even if it is a small gathering, set your table as if you 
had a crowd.

Causal or formal prepare your table the day before so you can
have more time to enjoy your family and friends. 

A table full of pumpkins even down to the plates! 

Or maybe some woodland friends! 

Some helpful hints to set your table.

Fall colors for inspiration.

To get some helpful flower hints

Hopefully, this will get you thinking and make your
planning a little bit easier! 

Sources: Pinterest