Monday, August 27, 2012

I want to be alone.........Design In the Bathroom!

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"If I want to be alone, some place where I can write, I can read, I can pray,
I can cry, I can do whatever I want. - I go to the bathroom."
~Alicia Keys~

Disaster struck at our house recently.
Our master bath was designed with an exterior glass block wall in the shower.
I love our shower it is large and flooded with natural light. A week ago we had a new source of light enter our glass wall!

Our glass wall split in the middle! We had a leak from where the window was not
sealed properly when it was installed. We are having to rip out and install a new
shower. Needless to say, I have had bathrooms on my mind recently.
My husband doesn't want to know this, but it is hard to look at "just showers."
So I thought I would share my finds with you.
 I love the sconces in this all white bathroom.
 What great details in this bath. The lovely mirrored vanity with the ghost
chair. The window seats and the beautiful mosaic border.
 Don't you love the way they built the tub in under the windows?
I still love balloon shades!
 I love the look of this all white bath, the large framed mirrors,
the wide sinks and the unusual faucets.
(I think I would still have to sneak some color in there!)

 " Calgon take me away"
I love the wall paper, the way they framed this tub, the open
shelves and the bell jar light fixture!

 Leslie Sinclair, the famous faux finisher,  gives
this bath an Old World look. She also has a beautiful faux finish book to:
There are several busy focal points in this bath, but
the wallpaper, the marble and the tile live in perfect harmony!
 Now this is more like what I have in mind when I think about bringing
the outside inside!
 I love the dark shuttered cabinets in this bath. But I think they need to cut
back on their chandeliers.
To each his own....
 (Maybe in a mountain lodge)
 I love the separate sinks and vanity areas and also how they used
the arches.
 This bath would make you feel like you were in a tree house!
Love all the wrap around windows.
 Interesting how they used the mirror in the window, the table next
to the tub and the wall color is a personal favorite!
I love this window treatment and the beautiful vanities, but
I would have to have steps to get in and out of that tub!
Of course Ralph Lauren would have a classy bathroom like this one. Wonder
who he is looking at with that telescope?
This one has a very "zen" feeling and room for my yoga mat!
Oh so elegant! Interesting scoring of the mirrors and
beautiful window treatment.
Pure Simplicity!
Now this is an island bath. Can't you imagine the view!
For the man of the house.
On this style of a tub, this is a great place for a towel bar!
What a skylight in this exquisite bath!
Fit for a Queen!
Don't forget the little ones need to "brush a brush a"
and "rub a dub dub!"
It may not actually be in the bathroom, but our four legged
friends need a bath area too!
Hope you got some good ideas for your next bath renovation
and get a little more warning than we did!
source: The Enchanted Home, Conspicous Style Interior Design (now South Shore Decorating Blog)
Home Bunch, Inspiring Interiors, Design Chic and Pinterest

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