Saturday, June 8, 2013

ADAC: Behind the Windows

On October 1, 2012 the Atlanta Decorative Arts Center opened its doors 
to the public. As the last of the countries "to the trade" centers to go public, 
the ADAC showrooms have been working hard to make the public 
feel welcome. 

                                             Jo Rabaut for Beau Studio

Even though it is still not a retail space (only those in the design trade can make purchases and place orders), the center is now open for the public to visit, 
browse and be inspired.

Amy D. Morris for the Bradley Showroom

One way they are offering inspiration is for Designers to team up with the individual
showrooms and create curated vignettes known as “ADAC: Behind the Windows”.

Ann Wisnewski for Century 

This lets the visitors to ADAC see the design possibilities and variety of products
that each showroom has to offer.

Karen Ferguson of Harrison Design Associates for Anisworth & Noah

Design is very much about the senses and the guest can touch, feel and experience
all the beauty that can be brought into their own homes.

Holly Brooks and Eric King of King Landscaping for Logan Gardens

You will find designs that range from contemporary to traditional. 

Jeffery Bruce Baker for August Avery

Neutral to colorful!

Corey McIntosh for Brice Ltd.

Fabrics, Carpet, Accessories and Hardware...

Matthew Quinn for the Matthew Quinn Collection

Living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and even outdoor areas. It is all there!

Melanie Turner for Janus et Cie

These unique vignettes are displayed in showrooms through out the ADAC campus.

Barbara Westbrook for Jerry Pair

Susan Bozeman for Travis and Co.

The most recent exhibit of amazing talent opened on April 15th.

Ray Teske and John Cox of Gary Marshall & Associates
for Smith Grubbs & Associates

These exhibits change every six months and are like turning the pages of a beautiful
home decor magazine. So the next trip you make to Atlanta, make time to stroll the
halls of ADAC and look in the windows. If you find something you can't live without,
 Call Me!

Source: Pinterest, ADAC

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