Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Take Me to the Keyes.....Please! (Key West Interior Design)

I have had enough!
My beach bag is packed and I am ready to head South! 
After two days snowed in here in Northeast Georgia,
it is time to think about an escape.
I can't think of a better place to go 
than down to the Keyes. 

After I saw this gorgeous photo it really made me 
ready for another visit to Key West. I also
got to thinking about how the interior design 
of the islands really defines their area.

The Key West Cottages always have a charming look to 
them on the exterior. Lots of porches, fences and 
bright colors. 

You will find beautiful courtyards and cats everywhere!
There is even a breed of cat associated with the Keyes.
To find out about the six toe Hemingway Cat CLICK HERE

One of my favorite design styles, is shown in this British Colonial
Study. The West Indies Style is a popular one. I love 
the ceiling detail and the turquoise stained bookshelves.

This dining room has the characteristics that you think of as the
West Indies Style with the white table and walls, ocean maps,
dark stained floors and director chairs.

I like everything about this West Indies Style room with the Clarence
House fabric for the window treatments, animal print chair, leather sofa
and the antique English trunk. Notice the paneled walls and ceiling with 
bright white trim and the sisal rug with the smaller oriental 
on top!

Many homes have wonderful patio areas off the bedrooms. This 
Master bedroom seems to flow right outside. The beautiful 
painted piece is by Patina. 

A very dear friend of mine sent me this wonderful picture several years ago. 
The blue and white parrot fabric on the chair, tile floors and wide
shutters speak Key West to me. 

The people of Key West never fail to take advantage of their 
outdoor spaces when thinking of their decor. Notice the
antique bamboo pieces on this porch.

Just like other places in the South, they believe if you paint 
your porch ceilings blue, it will keep the wasp and the 
spirits away! You can use variations on the color blue. 
From sky blue, green blue to turquoise, I always recommend
painting your porch ceiling!

This former artist studio was turned into
a guest house. I'll volunteer to stay there!

If there is not a pool, I don't think any of us would object
to a nice water view!

You also find, right in the middle of Old Town, porches
completely hidden from the street. This one has vintage
Heywood Wakefield bamboo furniture with blue cushions 
trimmed in white. 

You will see palms used inside as well as out. Windows are usually
covered with simple panels, woven shades, shutters or left uncovered.

Key West is also know for its bright, saturated colors!

It also has a very retro look!

Notice the blue ceiling again with the vintage rattan 
furniture and lime green accents.

You will find lime green used on the exterior and the interior 
of their homes. The use of white trim and dark stained floors
help calm the green down and give it a great look.

Lots of bright white in the bunk room even the sailfish
gets a coat of white!

Shells are a motif often used with the Key West Style. This kitchen
has a back splash where each shell has been hand placed.
 What a great idea!

This quirky room has shell colored walls, bold artwork and pillows.
The sofa has been slipped covered in white with sheer panels.
Notice the use of shells on the top ledge too.

As the sun sets on Key West....

I will leave you with the words of one of  my favorite philosophers!

source: Coastal Living, Florida Design, Traditional Homes, Pinterest, Google Images,
WSAZ Huntington, WV

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  1. Love your taste! I am a Florida artist, heading to The Keys for the Summer to work on more watercolors and hand-painted furniture. I want to connect with more like-minded designers in hopes that they will commission Keys-themed pieces, murals, etc.. I currently have several pieces in the Southernmost Furniture gallery(Big Coppitt), as well as many decor items available through my online shops. Most of my interior decorative painting has been on Palm Beach, but I intend to relocate to the Keys as soon as I establish a few great clients down there. Please view my work and let me know if you are interested in speaking further. Thank you! and