Thursday, October 20, 2016

So many Designer Showhouses! So little time....

There are so many Designer Showhouses each year 
and so little time to see them. Let alone think about
blogging about all of them! 
Southeastern Showhouse 2016
I have been saving pictures and information on some of 
the best of 2016. So I thought I would go through and 
choose some of my favorite rooms to share with you! 
Artist Rendering - House and Gardens
This year was the first I can remember in a very long time that 
Atlanta did not have the Symphony Decorator Showhouse. But they 
definitely went BIGGER with the Southeaster Showhouse. 
This was one of the largest Showhomes I can remember. It was very 
well done and worth the time it took to explore each and every room! 
Here are some of my favorites! 

Rivers Spencer Interiors - Upstairs Living Room 

 Phoebe Howard - Master Bedroom 

 Parker Kennedy Guest Room 

Lisa Mende - Side Porch

Back and pool area of the Alabama Decorator Showhouse

One of my favorite Showhouses takes place 
in Birmingham, Alabama. This year it was on Leeds Road. 
We have close friends that live there and we always
enjoy going to the Showhouse with them and learning
about the local history of the homes. 

Living Room

Dining Room

Downstairs Guest Bedroom

 Kitchen - Cyndy Cantley

Laundry Room - Cyndy Cantley

Here is a Showhouse I would love to attend. It is the 
Hampton Designer Showhouse. It is only fourteen years old. 
Which is young in showhouse years. This is where you will find
some of the most familiar names and stars in the design world!

Dining Room - Mendelson Group

Covered Dining Porch - Erin Gates

Bunk Bedroom - Dodson Interiors

Each year, celebrated interior designers transform a luxury Manhattan
 home into an elegant exhibition of fine furnishings, art and technology. 
This all began in 1973 when several dedicated supporters of 
the Kips Bay Boys & Girls Club launched the Kips Bay 
Decorator Show House to raise critical funds 
for much needed after school and enrichment programs 
for New York City children. 

Foyer staircase

Dining Room - Alex Papachristidis

Kitchen/ Bar Clive Christian

Master Bedroom - Drake and Anderson

Welcome to the 2016 Southern Living Idea House! In honor of their 50th anniversary, 
They picked five of the South's best designers –Mark D. Sikes, Lauren Liess, 
Margaret Kirkland, Ashley Gilbreath, and Amy Berry – and set them loose 
to decorate this beautiful Mt Laurel cottage. Designed by architect 
Bill Ingram, the space is a fresh take on traditional Southern style without 
sacrificing any of the charm.

Dining Room - Margaret Kirkland

Pajama Lounge - Amy Berry

Last  but not least, I want to share this link with you
that shows the rest of the 2016 Cashiers Showhouse. 

Thank you to Savvy Southern Style for her post 
on the "tiny house" at Cashiers this year.

There are so many Showhouses with so many rooms! You can google 
each of these Showhouses and find more picture available on each one. 
I hope you enjoyed our tour and this was just the East Coast! 

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