Friday, March 10, 2017

Back to the Porch and all about Cornbread and Caviar

 Welcome back to The Porch on South Main! 
If you missed the first part of our visit, 
you can catch up HERE

 This wonderful spot is a built-in seating area in the kitchen. 
Don't you love the way they did the back cushions! 

More of the wonderful lighting that they have at the Porch.

I really wanted to take this little fellow home with me!
I have a real weakness for all kinds of terriers.

They have wonderful home accessories and gift items.

A great little glassed in side porch is the perfect place to start new plants! 
Another wonderful light fixture!

 I especially love the two light fixtures on the far left. 
They are made out of seashells! On the right are some great pendant lights. 

This is their resource room. You have to have one place you can spread
out and make a mess, when you are busy working! 

Anyone up to a game of chess?

I just love all the artwork that they have at The Porch! This is one of my favorites!

 Janet Armstrong, an encaustic painter talked with us about
her art and shared several of her fused molten beeswax paintings
with us. You can read more about Janet and her art HERE

Here is a piece of art by Janet Armstrong, encaustic artist.
What a fascinating technique. I could not help, but run my fingers
over this painting. You really have to see and feel it in person! 

Now about Cornbread and Caviar. Our last two ADN meetings have been catered by 
Cornbread and Caviar. Let me tell you they know how to put a spread on!
We had a different menu for each meeting. Everything we tasted was absolutely scrumptious! Their kitchens are located in Auburn, Georgia and they do weddings, social and corporate groups. Take a minute and go check out their website HERE

This wraps up our tour of The Porch at South Main. Be sure and stop by and see Lynn and her staff. If you are a designer and want to know more about the Atlanta Designers' Network, ask for Lynn or our other ADN friend at The Porch, Barbara. They can tell you all about this great organization that brings independent designers together. (or get in touch with me!)

Also, go see The Shack! This was one movie that was as wonderful as the book.
 I loved them both!

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