Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Great Christmas Tree War: White or Colored Lights!

If you suffer from this disorder, STOP reading now!

There is a battle that plays out this time of year 
in homes across the land: White lights 

or colored lights?

I had always been in the white lights camp, until my grandson 
was born. The year that Jake was old enough to stand up and reach,

we had placed a new piece of furniture in 
our family/living room. We did this in 
March and by the time December rolled 
around I was wondering where the tree was going to go!

I decided to put a garland around our 
 arched window and put the ornaments on it. 
I went to pick up a lighted garland. 
As usual in December I was rushing around, 
when I got home I handed the garland to my husband 
and headed off to the grocery store. 
When I returned he had the garland up, but
it had colored lights! So that year for
Christmas we used colored lights! 

There is nothing more nostalgic than
old fashion bubble lights and tinsel! 

But they also can have a very modern look too.

What is more elegant than a tree all
decked out in white and gold?

Certain homes and decor just seem to 
call for colored lights.

Nothing is more beautiful than a tree twinkling with
hundreds of white lights.

If your ribbon and ornaments are colorful,
then white lights will work better on your tree. 

This flocked tree with lot's of white looks 
wonderful with small colored lights.

What a fun tree with brightly colored ornaments
and top hats. It works best with white lights.

Certain theme trees seem to go best with 
either white or colored lights. Here Santa is the
focal point, so staying with the white works best 
with the red and black.

This rustic tree has the large old fashion bulbs.
Of course they are in color! 

If you would like to know more about the great war
between white and colored lights, below are several 
articles that will tell you about  the
Great Light Battle! 

Which camp are you in?

From Elle Decor: decorating trends with lights

The New York Times shares thoughts on colored vs white lights

Style Blueprint talks with designers about white vs colored lights

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