Saturday, January 11, 2020

A Designing Day in the Country

Late Spring of 2019, I got really busy with several design 
projects I was working on. This really slowed down my blogging. 
I still managed to get with some of the touring girls and see several 
Showhouses. So now I am going to go back and play catch up 
and share some of these tours with you! 

The first one was late July in Cashiers, North Carolina. 
This is one that is always a winner! 
The Showhouse for 2019 was titled A Day in the Country.

The Entry used one of my favorite Botanical prints on the window.

This first level was small. The entry, dining, living area 
and kitchen were one open area.

The ceiling height helped give the upper area a spacious feeling.

The living area was designed by Eric Ross. He is well known for his
incredible designs through out the South. 
Eric was this years Honorary Guest Designer.

There were two bedrooms on this main level.
Don't you love this bed! 

The second bedroom takes advantage of the window to create 
a exceptional headboard and window treatment. 

There was a daylight basement downstairs. 
I love the painting they used. It opened the
room up and made you feel like you were walking 
into the forest.

There is one large relaxing area in the downstairs.

and a bedroom area

The bedroom area was an eclectic mix of things with a swinging bed.

This was an outdoor area off the downstairs. I love this mix of
furnishings and accessories. 

Out back you have an incredible view of the surrounding area.
There were some friends that were waiting for somebody to 
bring them an apple, as we strolled to the barn.

I wouldn't have a problem staying in this "barn."

This was not a big area, but it certainly doesn't feel 
like a tiny house/barn! 

There was an upstairs loft area in the barn, that made 
a wonderful bedroom. 

This is the exterior of the house. You can certainly say after looking
back, as we walked away, looks can be deceiving! 

I will be back soon with two more Showhouses to share. 
One of my favorite tours is coming up on Sunday, January 26th.
It is the Cathedral Tour in Atlanta and is part of the Cathedral
Antique Show. (This is one that does not allow pictures.) 
I encourage you to go. There will be five homes in the Buckhead
area. These are not showhouses, but are real homes! 
You can find more information on the right side of this blog 
post under Upcoming Events. Be sure to click 
on the blog post title, see below.

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