Sunday, August 21, 2011

4 Cats

I have been on a brief blog break, since I got back from my trip. Been trying to get caught back up on work and other things that needed my attention, since I returned. I plan to get back on a more regular posting schedule. (I hope!) I have a few more things from my trip to share with you, but will mix them in with design notes.


I think I would have to say our best dining experience in Barcelona was at 4 Cats. It was certainly the one that had the most interesting decor and beautiful exterior. All of this, to me, helps to make the the meal exceptional.

We had several people tell us not to miss the 4 Cats. They said it was very popular and to be sure and call for a reservation. We decide to go there for lunch and made a reservation. We were glad that we did, as soon as we arrived they started to fill up fast.  I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the food was and the service was exceptional.

 After turning off one of the main streets we wandered down one of the many alley ways to the entrance. The alleys are made out of stone and are not very wide. Mainly foot traffic with a few bikes.

After entering through the front door we come into a room with this mural on the wall. Our hostess then led us back into the next area....

...that was the bar. The front and back areas on the bar had the most incredible tile work all around it. The ladies room is through the door to the left. European bathrooms usually allow a "lot  to be desired!" This one was incredible with the same magnificent tile work on the walls, the floors and the stalls. Quite elegant! After our detour, we were escorted back through the door to the right.

This was the view from our table across the main dining room. The fresh flowers in the center were a gorgeous arrangement! All done with white and green flowers. Always one of my favorite combos for arrangements in a room with so much going on and filled with color.

Here are the 4 traveling gals enjoying a lovely glass of wine before our culinary adventure begins at the 4 Cats. (from left to right: Patty Wallis, Pat Hensley, yours truly, Vaughan Nalley)

Love these beautiful windows and their surrounds. They let in just enough natural light. I would have loved to have seen the interior at night.

 Here is another shot of the exterior. This entire street was just loaded with charm!

It is time to say goodbye to the 4 Cats and move on to another adventure or maybe a siesta!

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