Thursday, September 22, 2011

Design Stalker!

It is getting easier to be a Design Stalker these days. Especially when the team of Veranda magazine and ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) come together to present the celebrities of the design world at one of their events. The fabulous team of Brooke, an interior designer, and Steve Giannetti, a well known architect, were the inspirational team yesterday at an event in the beautiful showroom of Ainsworh & Noah at ADAC.

Winton Noah, Steve Giannetti, Brooke Giannetti, Hal Ainsworth

The Dynamic Duo were introduced by their good friend and editor of Veranda magazine, Lisa Newsom. Lisa met Brooke through her blog "Velvet and Linen." During a time that they spent in Santa Barbara, near where the Giannetti's live and run their full service design firm and shop, Giannetti Home, Lisa and Leslie Newsom Rascoe, call them and were invite out on their boat. They have been good friends ever since. Veranda featured the Gainnetti Home in the July-August issue this year.

                                             Lisa Newsom, Brooke Giannetti, Leslie Newsom Rascoe

THe Giannettis were at ADAC to talk with a group of southeast designers that were eager to hear about Velvet and Linen and their new book Patina Style. Their style is a blend of the old and the new, the beautiful and the functional. They design for real families and approach each job to tell the story of that family by their home and its design. They use muted, natural colors to create a calm retreat from the hectic daily life of these families.
They have also added a furniture line to the many hats they wear, along with being parents to three children and assorted animals!

They gave an exciting presentation that ended with a question and answer time. I was amazed at how freely they shared the stage and the presentation flowed effortlessly back and forth between the two. You could tell they were a couple that worked well together. One of the questions that was asked "was how do you manage your life working all day together and then being together in the evening?"
 Steve laughingly answered, alcohol!

Here are a few shots of their work and you can see more on the website:

And here I am with Brooke after she so graciously signed my copy of Patina Style!

Life isn't the things you own, but the experiences you have with them.
Brooke and Steve Giannetti

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