Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Interior Design of the 60's is showcased in the Help

If you grew up in the south during the sixties, the movie The Help, immediately transported you back in time.  Kathryn Stockett tells a very compelling story about an unlikely friendship between three women in Jackson, Mississippi. There were so many familiar things about that era that I recognized. My freshman year in high school was the first year the schools were integrated in my hometown. Having lived during that time, I can see why Skeeter, Abilene and Minnie's book set the town on its ear! I look back at that time and see how far we have all come. Stockett's story of the black women of Jackson in 1962 brings that time vividly back to life.

The set decorator Rena DeAngelo, takes the main characters of this story and shows each ones personality in their homes interiors. DeAngelo and Mark Ricker, the sets production designer, used fabric, wallpaper, furniture and accessories to bring these characters to life on the screen. 

One of my favorite lines in the movie is when Skeeter's mother says to her, Love and hate are two horns on the same goat! That is how I feel about the sixties and interior design! There are some good things and some oh so not good things!

One of the good things to remain is a traditional four poster bed with a beautiful canopy treatment.

One that needed to go was the TV tray!

Our house had these same heavy cornice window treatments in the living room and dining room when I was in high school. But I don't ever remember wearing a bow like that in my hair!

And we had louvered doors like this between the living room and dining  room.

Another style to keep is the settee that Skeeter and her mother are sitting on. I have one just like it in my house now. But it is covered in a leopard print!

I remember we had one of those lovely pole lamps and a paneled den. Also that low back sectional furniture was all the rage!

I don't remember the formica table and the check vinyl floor at my parents house. But this kitchen could have come straight out of my grandmother's home. Vinyl has gone through a number of upgrades since the sixties, but I don't think there was much that could be done for that dinette set!

I do believe this was the only wrought iron pattern they had during that time! I think every outdoor terrace or patio area had one! This day and time the choices in outdoor furniture are endless.

And last but not least is Hilly's pink bathroom. I had this same beautiful shade of pink in my bathroom growing up! It is now my grandson's bathroom and it is chocolate brown with white beadboard. I was so happy to see that pink GO!

Yes we have come a long way in so many different part of our lives and homes.

 But as in all things.....what goes around comes around! So it will be interesting to see what design comes back next!

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