Friday, December 14, 2012

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree what story are you telling?

What would Christmas be without a Christmas Tree?

We had always had a real tree downstairs and a flocked artificial tree 
 in the upstairs living room, when I was growing up.
I was not prepared for the out cry the year we got our first
artificial tree. My daughter was sixteen and I was sure she was never going
to forgive me!
It might have also had something to do with her age.
(Parents of teenage girls will understand!)
It was a beautiful tree and was so realistic. It even had tiny
pine cones on some of the limbs. It served us well for over twenty years!
Now we do something a bit unusual. We have all of our Christmas
ornaments on a garland that goes around our arched window.
We also have several other small trees. You can see one of them and my 
ornament garland in last years blog.

These are a few of my Favorite Things

We have had a number of small theme trees over the years. My husband had
a Car Tree with matchbox cars on it. We had a Dog Tree with pictures
of our dogs and doggie ornaments and milk bones. We have had a tree
with all crystal ornaments.
This year we have our kitchen tree with cookie cutters, cinnamon sticks,
tiny red apples, and old fashion bubble lights and plaid ribbon.
It sits in the kitchen bay window.

Kitchen Tree

Mother's Angel Card Tree
On my dining room sideboard, is a silver twig tree with a series of
Hallmark Angel cards. My Mother sent these cards out for a number of years.
We also still have the baby tree shown in my favorite things. It sits in our
guest bath on the vanity. All of these trees have a theme.
If you have never had a theme tree
you are missing out on a great chance to really let your creative side shine!
Theme trees come in all sizes and are only limited by your imagination.
Here are some ideas to help you get started!
Birds & Pine cones
Patriotic Tree
Christmas Tree with Letters
Close up of Letter Tree
Christmas Tree with Vintage Clocks

Close up of Vintage Clocks

Book Tree

Georgia Bulldog Tree

Folk Art Tree

 Bottle Tree

Edible Tree

Pink and Purple Tree

Beach Tree with Mermaid Topper

Starfish Tree
Beach Ornament Tree

Rustic Tree
What ideas can you think of for a theme tree?
Just remember to.....



  1. LOVE this Debbie - full of inspirations and creativity!

  2. Enjoyed this even though I'm reading it after Christmas!