Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Colors For Your Interiors

When you think of Valentine's Day, do you immediately 
think of red? If you are thinking of roses to 
send to that special someone, be careful what you
choose! You may be sending the wrong message. 

You might want to know the meaning of these colors to use in 
your interiors too. 
Why don't we start with the number one color associated
with Valentine's Day.....RED

Red roses represent true love, romance, beauty and perfection.

Lavender roses represent uniqueness, enchantment, and love at first sight.

Coral roses represent sincere and fervent desire.

Orange roses represent enthusiasm, excitement, desire, and fascination.

White roses represent innocence, purity, reverence, and heavenliness

Yellow roses represent happiness, joy, friendship, delight, and 
thoughts of a new start or a joyful new beginning.

If you want to propose on Valentine’s Day? Two roses of any color given 
together says “Will You Marry Me?”
A half dozen roses clustered together says “I want and need to be 
loved and cherished by you”.
Eleven roses says “I am totally, deeply, and passionately in 
love with you”.
Do you secretly love someone? Thirteen roses says 
“You have a secret admirer”.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Valentine's Day
and you received the right color and number. 
source: Margo DeGange, El Decor, Architectural Digest, Pinterest

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