Sunday, March 10, 2013

Developing and Changing ....Interior Design 2013

What is a TREND?

A general direction in which something is developing or changing.

  1. The general direction in which something tends to move.
  2. A general tendency or inclination. 
  3. Current style; vogue: the latest trend in fashion.

Here is what we are seeing in Interior Design Trends for  2013!

1. We are still seeing bold and intense color in 2013, but softer 
pastels are on the way. These soft pastels will blend well with 
the gray tones that we are still seeing. 

Emerald Green was chosen 
as the Pantone color of the year, but everywhere from fashion 
to interior design, blues are popping up!

2. We are seeing a return of beautiful upholstered headboards. These
may be made out of everything from burlap to silk. 

They may also be adorned with beautiful personalized linens!

3. Animal prints are supposedly making a comeback, but if you ask me, 
they have never left. If a snake skin sink is to much for you, 
what about a leopard accent chair or zebra skin rug?

4. Chintz and massive florals are returning on fabrics and wall coverings.
These will have a vintage feel and many will be on a white background.
People want to see "pretty" again!

5. Penny shaped tiles are also making a comeback. You will see them 
used on back splashes and floors. 

They can even be inset into a floor to create a rug effect. 

6. This year, we will see more pale woods, washed finishes,
and reclaimed woods. This trend towards lighter wood tones and 
light painted wood has been showing up in kitchens too.

7. Independent living and allowing our older family members to 
remain in their own homes will be on the rise. The family home 
will need some design changes to make this possible. I talked 
about aging and design in my last newsletter.

8. This is not to say granite is a thing of the past, but 
caesarstone and quartz
are becoming  popular choices. Both of these engineered stones use 
a quartz mixture to replicate the features of granite or marble.
 They are created by mixing pure quartz with a bind resin and several 
other ingredients together. In form and function there is little 
difference between engineered quartz and granite, both having 
similar qualities and similar prices. But heat, scratch and stain resistant make 
these ideal countertop choices.

9. In the past home technology was consider something for the very
wealth, these systems now are more affordable and many times
will save you money. Everything from sound, security and lighting systems,
to complete home automation is now being considered a 
big part of remodeling and new home construction.

10. Wallpaper has been slowly coming back into vogue again and this year 
we should see it showing up in a big way. From textures such as grass cloth

to big scale patterns, you will find it available for every room 
in your home. Be creative and find a place to paper now! 

11. Celebrating you and your life is a big trend in lifestyle living. 
What better way to bring this into your home than with 
a gallery wall of pictures or other personal collections. Remember
your home should be all about YOU!

12. Just when you thought you had seen the last of brass, it is back.
But it has an entirely new look. It is burnished and soft, hammered 
and antiqued. You will see it used with a lot of reflective 
surfaces and also a new mix of different metal finishes in one room.

Keep your eye out and you may spot the next new trend for 2013 
or maybe 2014!

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