Monday, March 2, 2015

I need to powder my nose! (Interior Design for the Powder Room)

If your friends and guests spend any time in your home,
there is one room they may need to visit!

Water closet, Loo, Washroom, Lavatory 
whatever you might call it,this is one of the 
main rooms you need to  "dress up." 

Prior to the 1900's most toilets
 were in a free standing building outside.
This is where the name outhouse originated. 
Any girls that attended Camp Echoee in
Northeast Georgia will know them as 

Back when I was a little girl, my bathroom 
had to also serve as the Powder Room. 
My mother and her designer picked out 
pink and maroon tiles like they used in
this picture. 

But to make things even more coordinated, we had a 
pink toilet, sink and bath tub!  Thankfully 
they have the ability to refinish tiles and tubs. My
grandson, Jake, lives in that same house and that 
bathroom now belongs to him It is white and brown!

Come join me as we take a look at Powder Rooms of today!

Powder Rooms can really be a challenge to 
turn a plain box of a space, into something 

Hanging vanities and rectangular sinks are
popular choices right now.

Powder Rooms are good places to use wallpaper
to get some extra bang for your $$$'s.

Vessel sinks are also good choices for a Powder Room.
The designer here has re-purposed a wood
panel to use as a mirror over an antique iron table.

Faux painting lets your imagination run wild. 
In a small room like the Powder Room, the bigger
the scale of wall paper or faux painting, will 
make the bathroom appear larger. The more
background that shows the more open the room feels.

As you can see reflected in the mirror, you can 
use wallpaper and still hang pictures.

A Powder Room is a excellent place to use a 
piece of furniture for your vanity. This Biedermeier 
chest is topped with black marble and an
oval sink. If you look close they picked up the
same color finish for the floor.

Even a busy framed mirror can look fabulous on a
patterned wallpaper. A small dining buffet makes
a great place to store towels.

An accent table with a deep apron,
will work in a very small Powder Room where
room is tight. You still get the look of a furniture
piece without the weight of a chest.

This Powder Room gives you a contemporary look with 
the clean lines of the vanity and the simplicity 
of the pendants, mirror and vessel sink. 
Notice how the walls and floor are 
the same neutral. It really lets everything else pop!

This contemporary bath keeps it very simple, so that
the orange lacquered walls and the smoke Lucite vanity
are the star attractions. 

This is not a large powder room, but the designer has kept
everything in soft tones and straight lines. This offers a very 
soothing spa like feeling. 

Pure Elegance! The shimmer in the Oriental 
wallcovering reflects off the sconces and 
adds extra light and brightness.

Themes are fine in a Powder Room as long as you don't
go overboard! This ship themed bath used just enough
of the mariner lighting, rope detail, rug and porthole window
do not come across to cute!

If you have accessories you want to use and have
a basic white Powder Room. You can buy shelves to
display some of your favorites. I love how she used
just a little bit of blue wall and then 
tied it all together with her porcelain pieces!

I hope I have given you some inspiration to take a look at 
your own powder room and make it sleek contemporary,
traditionally elegant or very personal! 
Enjoy thinking outside the box! 

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