Sunday, April 12, 2015

I have made it to 100! (in Interior Design Blog Post)

This is my 100th blog post!
I can not believe I have written that many. 
 I thought this should be a special post, so I am going
to share a story with you.

Back in December of 2002 there was a lonely little designer.
 When she had first gone into business, she had a partner. 
But as life changes,the partner moved from town and 
things took a turn and the designer was on her own.
She did some retail work for awhile and then went to work
at a local furniture store. There she worked 
with a great group of designers. For several years, they all
had so much fun working together. But life is nothing but
change and our designer decided to go back out on her own.

That holiday season ADAC (Atlanta Decorative Arts Center) 
had a beautiful luncheon, in the Madison Gallery, for
a group of designers. This was a sit down lunch.
After our designer went through the buffet line, she glanced 
around for a seat. Call it fate or whatever
you think happens at times such as this. The designer spotted a table
with one seat left. She approached the group at the table and 
asked if she could join them. They were a group
that obviously knew each other and there was 
a lot of storytelling and laughter.

Our designer asked them if they worked together.
They said no they were all members of the
Atlanta Designers' Network - ADN. 
Dear Gail, one of the designers asked the lonely little designer
to come visit their group for a meeting. They 
swapped business cards. The lonely designer
thought their group sounded like a great idea. But
she was sure Gail would never remember to call her. 
Well she didn't know Gail back then, like she does now, or
she would have not had a thing to worry about! 
And that my friend is how I went from being a lonely little designer
to being a member of this special organization. 

This group of designers has been a wonderful sounding board 
to exchange ideas, resources, knowledge and many special friendships.
Some of our group has had to leave for different 
reasons and new members have joined us. But 
each one has been someone special and unique.

Now where am I going with this story? I hope I still have your attention! 
ADN meets each month except for July. Our April meeting was
at the Atlanta Merchandise Mart. The designers have a 
a wonderful new concierge, Cathyrn Miller,and this the 
second tour she has arranged for our group. So come
with me on a picture tour of a few of the 
many showrooms at the Mart.

Look at these great color choices!
Each furniture piece selected, in this showroom, 
is individually hand finished by artisans and will vary.
Your unique piece will be "Tomorrow's Antiques"

Our next showroom had us discussing what is under foot. They showed
rugs of all types that are "Timeless Design for the Modern Age."
The last four are all indoor/outdoor rugs! 

Another thing the ADN group appreciates is good food. 
So along with our next showroom stop we had a 
wonderful lunch catered by The Corner Bakery. 

I was familiar with this company because we carried their items 
at the furniture store where I worked. Back then the company
only made baskets. They have come a long way from when
they started! 

I took so many pictures and our tour was so fabulous, that I am 
going to break this into two Parts. I will be back soon
with the rest of the afternoon showrooms. 
So please come and join me! 

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