Sunday, April 10, 2016

Christ Church Tour of Homes means it is Spring Fever Time!

“It's spring fever. That is what the name of it is. 
And when you've got it, you want—
oh, you don't quite know what it is you do want, 
but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!” 
~Mark Twain~

I love the Spring and nothing makes me feel that nudge 
of Spring Fever more than the Christ Church Tour of Homes! 

The gals and I packed up our
cars and head south to Saint Simons Island, Ga.
This year's tour was an absolute gem on the 
Tour of Homes circuit! 
The Christ Church Tour of Homes takes place every March.
 on St. Simons and Sea Island and is hosted 
by the Episcopal Church Women. This years
tour marked the 63rd year for the tour.

The tour takes up to 400 volunteers to make it happen! 

 This tour is one that does not
allow photographs. So I had to do a lot of 
digging to come up with some of these.
So hop on the bus to take us
over to Sea Island and let's get started.

STOP 3 was on a quiet cul de sac  
and was originally built by Frank McCall in 1985. 
It was recently redesigned by the team of
John Shackelford, Terry Hagin, Pat Stafford, 
Candace Brewer and Mark Owens. 

The owners main purpose for the redesign was to showcase
their extensive collection of art. This team was still able to 
maintain the homes original character. 
The above piece was commissioned by the owner using
pieces of her jewelry, buttons and keepsakes. 
This work is by Miami artist, Nina Surel.

The home is owned by Larry D and Brenda A Thompson who 
in 2012 donated 100 works, to the Georgia Museum of Art,
 from their exceptional collection
of works by African-American artists.
They still maintained a large art collection in their home.
For such a diverse collection, the way the art had been
displayed let your eye flow from piece to piece. There 
was a feeling of unity in the collection, but each piece still
had a place of honor.

STOP 4 on Sea Island is in the gated community of
Ocean Forest. This home sits on a bluff overlooking a lake. 
You will find many surprises in this home!
As you enter the foyer of the Ocean Forest home, you
are greeted by a large "turtle" table, one of several 
turtles in their collection. 

This home was designed by Mary Bryan Peyer. Working 
with architects and local contractors, she has created a beautiful 
and relaxing home.
The Master Bedroom 

 Master Bath

 Daughter's Bedroom

 Guest Bedroom

The owner is a big "Buckhorn" fan! 

 We will leave the house and head over to the Guest Cottage.
How much fun would we have staying in this home
away from home. There are trophies from big game 
and fishing expeditions. 

An eight person poker table

and pool table.


Cottage Bedroom 

And last, but certainly not least, is the owners
car collection! 

We have three more homes to see, so we can hop back
on the bus or make a new plan to take the trolley!

We will continue Part 2 of the Tour of Homes 
on Saint Simons Island with Stop 2 in the Village and 
Stop 5 and 6 at Frederica Township. 

Please come back and join us!
*Buses are at Gascoigne Bluff. If you are familiar with
Saint Simons and Sea Island this map will help you locate
the Tour Stops.

Stop 1 is St. Ignatius Church, Stop 7 is Musgrove Plantation, 
Stop 8 is the Cemetery and Parish House and 
Stop 9 is Christ Church. These 
three stops are on the tour every year. 

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source: Debbie Jacobs Design, Elegant Island Magazine, Mary Peyer Designs website

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