Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Deck the Halls with Traditions

 This month the design blogs have been full of Christmas decorating
information. I have admired all the bright, colorful and trendy
new looks for Christmas trees, garlands, gift wrap etc. 
I personally may add a fun little spot of something neon and 
glitzy. But I still love a very traditional Christmas 
decor at our house. 

In the past I  have shared with you the special Christmas traditions
we have in our home.
If you missed it you can see it HERE
So many of my things are family keepsakes and gifts.
They have such special memories.
But my daughter, Courtenay, also has many of 
our family's favorite things at her house too.

When you enter the friends and family door, you will find
a tree that is covered in Angels. These Angels 
spent many years in the living room on my parents
flock Christmas Tree.

As you head into the kitchen you will find this jolly fellow who 
helps count down the days to Christmas.

On the kitchen island is friendly Snowman with his 
glitz and glitter. He sits under woven straw stars that hang 
from the island fixture.

Our family has always been a lover of Dawgs 
and Dogs. This little tree sits between the breakfast room 
and the home office. 

A few years ago my grandson Jake's elf started to arrive around Thanksgiving.
He is always sneaking around and getting into mischief! 
He needs to learn not to run in the snow! Oops!

My Mother always loved Angels and over the years 
she added many to her collection. These are three 
of my favorites! 

I have Spode Christmas china. But Courtenay has always loved 
my Mother's pattern. It is by Johnson Brothers and is so different 
and beautiful. The Crystal belonged to my Mother's Mother.

Mother made these jeweled balls that Courtenay hangs on her 
dining room chandelier. There are also some in the above 
picture with the china.

Nineteen years ago, Neiman Marcus started doing an annual snow globe.
My Mother gave one to Courtenay each year as a special
Christmas Gift. After Mother passed away, I continued the 

The 2013 Snow globe is a gingerbread house. 
The details on all nineteen snow globes are exceptional!

We have several of these Santa doorknob covers that my 
Grandmother Clark loved to make. 

She knitted my Christmas Stocking and Courtenay's. 

This is the first Christmas decoration Jake had in his room. 
Santa rotates around the world globe in his airplane.

This is the nativity that was ours when I was a little girl. 
It is in Jake's room now.

My Mother and Daddy gave this Nativity Scene to 
Courtenay when she was a little girl. 

This Angel started Courtenay's own additions to the collection 
she inherited from my Mother.

This is Jake! He adds so much joy and love to our lives.
If you look close, there are no ornaments on the bottom
of the tree.

And this is the reason why! This is Golden's first Christmas.
He is learning all about the tree 
and why there is one inside his house!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!

source: Debbie Jacobs Designs

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