Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Every year I say, NO MORE! But every year, something catches our eye 
that just has to be added to the Christmas decorations here! 
I have to keep a close watch or we might become 
Christmas hoarders. 

This little snowman was the first 
thing to find his way home.

Close friends sent us this beautiful live wreath. 
We wanted something for our back door and this was 
just perfect. 

I always like to have something live and blooming at Christmas

I have had this orchid since before Thanksgiving.
But it is blooming so pretty right now, that
I just had to show you!

Not everything is brand new this year. 
The same dear friends that gave us the 
wreath this year gave us Ho Ho Ho
coming down the chimney!

We have had our front door wreath, since
we moved into our house in 1995! 

Sometimes I want to turn off this little Santa Clock.
I feel like he is ticking away the hours I have left 
to do everything! He has a very distinct 
tick tock sound.

When my grandson, Jake, was little, my Husband would
come in with all these crazy talking toys. I was never really 
sure if Johnny or Jake enjoyed them more. 
I do get a kick out the obnoxious snowman. 
He comes out with things like "I Got Plowed Last Night!"

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus are very old. 
We always used them at Christmas when I was very 
little girl. They are salt and pepper. 

We usually have our Santa Collection on the mantle. But this 
year we decided to do something different and put all our 
Christmas pictures up there.

One of my sweet designer friends sent me my favorite 
Christmas Card this year! I do love a little leopard print! 

When we had our Jack Russell, Miss Priss, we purchased 
the Olive the Other Reindeer book. We added a few 
other Olive things like the stuffed animal Olive
Unfortunately  this year, Olive had to hide on the mantle. 
Someone kept moving her around. 

Someone else is hiding, wonder if they are guilty? 

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source: Debbie Jacobs Designs

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